Branding changes, and more!

Branding changes, and more!


Hey everyone! We've been busy at work making Polytoria more excellent for you, and while we have been working on our new site and our new client, we've been doing some asset changes to the website. It's time that we officially announce our new branding!

New Branding

Polytoria's current logo wasn't in the best shape. We had some excellent people on the staff team help make us an awesome-looking icon that would blow you guys up to the moon (literally, it's that amazing) It's time to announce the new branding! Can I get a drumroll, please?

We're going back to Superium! Nah, I'm just messing with you. The real new logo is...

Light Mode (New Logo)
Dark Mode (New Logo)

The new logo has been improved to feature round corners instead of sharp corners, and there has been a new font that has been added to the logo! We are now going to be using the Rubik font for our new logo, and for the website! If you go onto the website you will see that the new font has been applied to the website. Go check it out!

Launcher Update

Included with the new branding assets we added, we now have dark mode added to our launcher! Instead of a bright blinding screen that you see every time you launch Polytoria, you now have the option of a nice, blue theme that we offer on our website. The theme changes with your computer's theme settings, so if it's set to light mode or dark mode it will be whichever you choose. Check out the clip below showcasing how it works!


Please let us know if you have any issues with the new launcher, if you experience anything unusual or have an error come at us please take a screenshot and send it in our Discord. You can report it in our #bug-reports channel!

Discord Verification Changes

We recently overhauled our verification bot in favor of a new way to verify yourself on our Discord Server. Instead of adding a code into your bio, you can now link your Polytoria account directly to your Discord account, and that will automatically verify you onto our server! The steps are very easy, and if you would like to link your account you can tap the button that will be below to get started. When you join our server, go to the #verify channel and the verification instructions are in there. Can't wait to see you guys chatting!

New Verification Page
Verification Completed

If you need to unlink your account for any reason at all, you can go back to that page and there's a button where you can unlink your account. Please keep in mind that when you tap this button you will have to complete the verification process again, and you will instantly lose access to chatting in our Discord Server.

Important Security Announcement

We take privacy and safety matters very seriously at Polytoria, and we will continue to do everything we can to keep your accounts and data safe. As of January 17th, 2 AM Pacific, the site team recently performed mandatory security maintenance and found a massive vulnerability that has now been fixed. As a result of these changes, we had to perform a 24-hour server rollback on all Polytoria data. All users, forum posts, purchases, items, games, groups, avatars, and other content that was created after our last data backup on January 17th, 2021 at 6:25 UTC have been reversed. Some users may have been signed out of the website and must log in to their accounts again. At the time of writing, all currency and membership purchases have been restored. If you did not get your purchases restored, contact us as soon as possible. In most cases, we cannot return user-created assets that were lost during this time, and unfortunately, you will have to re-upload your creations to the site if they were reversed. We understand that this rollback may upset many users, but we ask that you please bear with us. A critical security patch was made in order to keep your account and assets safe, and the Polytoria team will continue to do everything we can to ensure a safe and fun experience on the site.

If you need any further assistance, we're always here to help you. You can tap the button below to contact us on our corporate website if you need anything, we're always happy to help!

Thank you guys for reading another wonderful blog post! We hope you guys like the new font and logo that we've come up with, and at the moment if you don't like it, we're running a logo vote in our Discord Server to vote on the new icon! We're either going to keep this new icon, or change it to one of the ones provided below. Join our Discord Server to vote and have your opinion spoken out!

Thank you guys for reading! Stay excited for Polytoria Showcase #10! It's going to be our first double-digit Showcase!

~ baggy