Polytoria Showcase #19

Polytoria Showcase #19


Greetings everyone, and happy holidays! I hope Santa has treated you all well to some gifts for you to enjoy, and having the ability to spend time with your families and loved ones. Because of the recent holidays, it's time for our special annual Polytoria Showcase: Christmas Edition!

For those who aren't aware of what this article is, during the seasons we allow players across Polytoria the ability to create unique avatars, places, and clothing to celebrate the holidays! Suppose you're chosen for one of our special articles. In that case, you get a special surprise: the cool badge we offer for your profile, but also an exclusive trophy that is only obtainable once per year for participating!

If you're new to Polytoria Showcase entirely, we recommend you take a read at this article so you know what each of the topics is, and you can be caught up and understand what is happening in this article. This even gives you the chance to participate if you're interested! Take a quick read, and then make sure to come back.

Alright, that's enough talking about what this is! Let's get straight into the topics, and make sure to congratulate everyone who is chosen. Remember, if you weren't chosen this year - there are no hard feelings! You can participate as many times as you'd like, and we will continue to do these special posts each year. Alright now, let's move into our first topic of this post: Users of the Month!

User of the Month

Each year when we do this topic, we allow users across Polytoria to submit to us their most festive and decorative avatars they can come up with to help celebrate Christmas and the winter season. There are so many unique ideas in the books that we can't run out of ideas to participate in this topic! You could be a snowman, Santa Claus, or even your own Christmas wishlist. (I may be foreshadowing something there!)

We had many avatar submissions to us that we decided to take a look at, and we chose two of the perfect avatars that we felt helped celebrate the season of Christmas and the season of winter. Let's give a big congratulations to Fishen and Foqm for being chosen as User of the Month!

Starting up with Fishen, we have a mixture of everything when you take a look at his avatar. You have a burger that is already festively wrapped and prepared for the season, and he's even wearing some comfy winter clothing to stay warm during the cold season! fishen might continue to feel chilly however, as he literally has a penguin next to his head, and he is quite literally the face of a snowman right now!

Up next we have Foqm, who has decided to dress up as his Christmas wish list. There are many things on his list that he wants, and all of these fun things can include a bike, frog, TV, and wanting to be in 1st place. To add the cherry on top of this outfit, he's wearing the Pin hat to show that his list must be pinned somewhere and remembered! I certainly hope you got what you wrote down for Christmas, you must let us know!

Congratulations to these two people for being chosen as User of the Month. You definitely made some smiles and laughs today with your avatars, and we can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the future for amazing avatars! Alright, let's move on to our next topic: Place of the Month!

Place of the Month

To be completely honest with you all, we didn't have many places submitted to us this year that followed the topic of winter and Christmas. There was one however that was submitted to us, followed these guidelines, and immediately showed the dedication that was put into the place. Congratulations to Winter Mountain (Speedrun) by InsertSoda for being chosen as Place of the Month!

In this place, you're given the chance to speedrun a wintery mountain-map where there are obstacles in your way. The goal of this place: Get the best time that you absolutely can! There are multiple levels as you progress through this map, getting harder everytime you progress a level. There aren't many levels at this current moment in time, however, InsertSoda has stated that he will be adding to this game and making it a permanent part of Polytoria in the future.

If you're interested in playing this place and trying it out for yourself, you can click the button that we've attached below. Congratulations to InsertSoda for being chosen as Place of the Month, and now let's move into Clothing of the Month!

Clothing of the Month

There was a lot of clothing that was submitted to us this year, and I can't even lie, this was our most submitted topic this year - With our submissions doubling what we had last year. We went through all of the holiday-themed clothing, and we found some of the best outfits to your liking. We chose three outfits, and we will be showing them off and talking about them below. Starting up with the first outfit we chose, we would like to congratulate Christmas Sweater 2.0 [+] by Snowdude for being chosen as Clothing of the Month!

Christmas Sweater 2.0 [+]

Snowdude's sweater for Christmas is one of the basic and creative outfits that you can wear for the holidays. Many people have been seen wearing this shirt, with the shirt having a total amount of 32 sales! Adding on top of the bonus, the shirt is FREE and available for you to pick up right now! Take a look at it, and let us know what you think

That's not the only outfit we chose for Clothing of the Month, however, so let's give another round of applause to the VL Candy Cane Shirt by the Starfree Guild for also being chosen!

VL Candy Cane Shirt

This creative Christmas candy cane outfit has become one of the recent all-time sellers during the holidays, reaching OVER 100 sales! This shirt gives you the chance to show off your pride in candy canes, and even let people know that this is your favorite candy of all time! If you're interested in purchasing this outfit as well, you can purchase this outfit by clicking the button below. The price is FREE as well!

Alright, now let's take a look at the last outfit that we've chosen for Clothing of the Month. This outfit has shirts and pants contained with it and is also good for staying warm and cozy during the holidays. Congratulations to the PJ outfit by filebank for being chosen as Clothing of the Month!


This outfit is perfect for showing off how warm and cozy you are in your recently obtained pajamas. This outfit has become another one of our big sellers during the holidays on Polytoria, as everyone of course wants to be warm during the cold season! This outfit is personally my favorite, and it's a good thing that this outfit is also FREE and obtainable in our store!

Congratulations to everyone who was chosen for Clothing of the Month, and now let's take a trip to our next section: Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

During the holidays, our team is celebrating Christmas and spending the holidays with our loved ones and our families. Our team has been continuing to manage and make sure that the website is bug-free, and that the client is updated to have little to no bugs for your experience.

You might know this person, as they're the person who runs the entire operation of Polytoria. They work on everything, such as the website, and the client, and our future client and creator that's in the works! We'd like to give a big congratulations to willemsteller for being chosen for Staff of the Month!


It might appear to be a little silly that were chose our CEO as our Staff of the Month, but willemsteller has been the most working person on the website and client during this month, being super productive and adding many features to the client and the website. If you're curious as to what he has done during this month, you can go to our previous blog post that he wrote talking about all of the changes that he has made. Congratulations to willemsteller, and we will now be concluding this blog post.


Thank you to everyone who stuck around to the end, and read our special annual edition of Polytoria Showcase! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you didn't manage to make it into our article this time, don't worry! We will have plenty of future opportunities in the future where you can participate.

Remember, if you log on today you will be rewarded the Red Banded Festive Christmas Holly Jolly Stove Pipe 2023 hat on Polytoria! Now, make sure that you're spending time with your families and friends, and we will see you in the future for another edition of Polytoria Showcase!

~ baggy 💖