The Great Divide

The Great Divide


June 13th, 6:00PM CST

Welcome Polytorians, This is your war correspondent, Lord Baggiye Mcbagginsworth Larpington the Sixth of Warchester, son of Earl Plembington and heir to the Warchester estate, reporting on The Great Divide. The High Order's plans have culminated in a conflict of which scale is incalculable.

Tensions are high. The High Order are playing us like pieces on their board. Recruitment drives are in full swing and you are being requested to join a side and the pressure to pick a side is growing thick. Rumors have been said that The High Order is directly behind them. Many mercenary groups have held elections for new leaders, to replace their old leaders. Cobras are now being led by Dud, and the phantoms are being led by UltraMob.

The Cobras were previously led by Cames C Cemberton Cemblingson The Third, who has since left the position of being the team leader and has gone back to Kindergarten. As for the phantom leader, James J Jemberton Jemblingson The Third, has retired as he no longer believed he could manage the team through these turbulent waters. I personally wish him an enjoyable retirement as he moves on towards greater things!

June 14, 10:00AM CST

BREAKING NEWS! Conflict has begun in full force with both sides inflicting heavy casualties. The war has just begun, but only you can put an end to this. The High Order is now demanding you join a team and help them earn as many points as possible to make your team victorious. There will be rewards given out to those who participate. If you would like to see your team's points and current rewards progress, you can do so on the events page.

Communication is very important. Our communications network (Discord) is set up for the war, with special channels for many mercenary groups to plan their course in this war. At 18:00 every day when the rallying begins, the largest battles of the day emerge. During these rallies, teams are beginning to drop supplies for their enlistees.

As a war correspondent, I see the courage and strength of Polytorians on both sides. The air is full of anticipation. Are you ready to fight for what you believe? Do you have the strength to lead your team to victory? The High Order is watching from the shadows, controlling everything. They demand action. The fate of Polytoria is in your hands. Stay strong, stay united, and may the best team win.

Reporting from the frontlines, Lord Baggiye Mcbagginsworth Larpington the Sixth of Warchester, son of Earl Plembington and heir to the Warchester estate