Deliverin' the Goods

Deliverin' the Goods


Hey everyone! There have been some awesome updates that have been going on throughout Polytoria this past month and I am here to share with you what we have added to Polytoria. Let's get straight into the news!

New Client + Workshop

We have completely overthrown our Client and Workshop and completely redesigned it! We have a brand new launcher that was made by our amazing developer Alyx, and you are now able to launch the Workshop directly from our website! The new workshop now contains more parts, so you can now add Spheres, Cylinders, and Wedges directly to your game!

Old Workshop
New Workshop

The new client adds some more amazing things to improve your gameplay. The animations have been redone, there are now sounds when you jump, and the GUI has been redone! You will notice now that the game runs smoother too. Make sure to check that you're running the latest launcher! As of 7/30/2021, the latest Launcher is v2.5.7.

Old Client
New client loading screen
New Client

You may notice that the new client does not have any gears or tools inside it, and that is because we are working on scripting and when scripting gets released we will allow you to have your own tools in-game!

If you want to see a cool preview of scripted games, you can check out these two games made by some of our beta testers for Polytoria! pomatthew made a scripted Spleef game, and willemsteller made a game that rains rainbow blocks! You can check them both out with the links below.

Spleef by pomatthew test by willemsteller

New Launcher

If you're having troubles installing the creator or client using the new launcher, make sure to first uninstall the launcher from Apps & Features, then download the latest launcher from the website. The current version of the launcher is 2.5.7 as of 7/30/2021

If you find a bug in our client/workshop that seems unusual or wrong, you can report the issue in #bug-reports on our Discord Server and we will take care of the problem! You can join our Discord Server by tapping here.

Forum Updates

We recently added some big forum updates to our forums! We added reputation, Signatures, and quotes! We will now get into the discussion on how these work.


Starting with Signatures, you can put a signature under all of your posts! Signatures will appear under your replies and posts that you make. You can put anything that you want in your Signature as long as it is appropriate and follows our rules.


You can now quote things on Polytoria! If there is a specific post that you would like to reply to you now have the option to do so. You can do this by pressing the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select "Quote"


You can add or remove reputation from other users. Press the - and + buttons to change someone's reputation. The amount of reputation you can give/take (Rep Power) depends on three things:
- Account age
- Amount of forum posts
- Total reputation

You can give reputation to 5 people every day (10 if you have Pro and 25 with Pro Ultimate).

How can I add reputation?

Go onto the forums and look at the posts! If you find the post helpful you can add reputation and if you don't find the post helpful you can take reputation. Make sure that you're doing what you want to do! You can only add reputation to that use once every few days.

Depending on your account age, your amount of forum posts, and your total reputation, the number will be different. If you have already added/taken reputation from the user of your choice, you will see this message:

If you wish to see if people have added/taken reputation from you, you can go to your profile and paste this in: ID)/reputation

You should then see something like this:

That's all for the updates on the forums, Let's now check in on our results for applications!

Application Results

After careful consideration, we have decided to pick our new moderators. Please be respectful towards our staff and we appreciate everyone for taking their time to apply. We always reopen applications at a later date and encourage everyone to try them. With that being said, please welcome your new moderators, Kengie, Alt F4, and Fourth! Make them feel welcomed on Polytoria!

Information regarding The Polytoria economy reset

We've mentioned this a couple of times and we've been thinking about this for a long time: the economy reset is now officially coming to Polytoria. We will explain more about it and answer any questions you may have. You can tap this thread for more information about what will happen and what will be getting reset.

That's all of our updates!

We hope you enjoyed all of our recent updates and changes we made, and we hope that we'll have more updates coming as we grow. Did you like the client and workshop update? Let us know! Goodbye for now!

-- bags