Polytoria: Egg Hunt 2022

Polytoria: Egg Hunt 2022


Greetings Polytorians, Happy Easter! Polytoria is proud to announce that our annual egg hunt is back for another year and this time, it’ll be hosted inside of our game client!

You will need to explore the map in search of various eggs. Be careful though, as some of the eggs will fight back or try to escape! There are 16 eggs that you can collect throughout the map, and each one will have a challenge for you to complete. Do you think you can claim all the eggs and become the superior of them all?

Along with all these eggs that you can collect, you will have to be speedy to get some of them! Not fast enough to get some of the eggs? No worries, there is a shop where you can go and upgrade your sprint, jump, and more to become the fastest player in the game session! You can find coins around the map to get these drinks. The coins do not save after you leave the game. You'll know that you claimed an egg once you see the animation play! It will then be rewarded right to your Polytoria Avatar for you to wear with pride.

Are you ready to get hunting? Tap the button below to join the egg hunt with others today!

Are you interested in seeing how many eggs you have, and which eggs you don't? This website down below lets you insert your name to check how many eggs you have, and which eggs you need! Just enter your username, and the website will do the work for you. Tap the button below to figure out which eggs you need! (Credit to QQQ for making this for us)