Introducing... Weapons!

Introducing... Weapons!


Hello everyone! Recently we released a update to our Polytoria Client that allowed.. You guessed it! Weapons! There are 2 weapons in the Polytoria Client that you can choose from.

The gears in-game

The first gun is a ray-gun, and is used to shoot other people. The ray-gun does not affect buildings in-game but mostly does damage to the people around you.

The second gun is a grenade launcher! You can use the grenade launcher to destroy buildings, and destroy your opponents defense! Be careful though.. This weapon is dangerous and one shots people!

bags destroying the classic Polytoria Map made by willemsteller

More weapons are expected to be on the client in the future.

How do I turn off weapons in my game?

Go to your creations, which can be located by tapping on this link here.

Once you are at your games, locate the game you would like to disable the weapons for. Tap the 3 dots to your right and tap Edit.

Scroll down the page until you see this option:

Tap the one that says Enable default tools. Then you can tap save, and boom! You have disabled gears for your game. You should be all setup afterwards.

More information on the client updates

There we're multiple versions that had some bug fixes before, so you can feel free to check them out below as well.

Client 0.1.7:

  • Fixed chat <noparse>
  • - Added max chat message length
  • - Added profanity filter
  • - Fixed fullscreen black bars/letterbox effect

Client 0.1.12: (MAJOR UPDATE!)

  • Added default tools (ray-gun, gernade launcher)
  • Explosions now take damage in multiplayer

Client 0.1.14:

  • Decreased volume for explosions
  • Fixed ray-gun not dealing damage

Client 0.0.15:

  • Added forcefields
  • Explosions deal force to player like in multiplayer

Those are the current updates that are in the client. You can expect some more updates coming soon!

Screenshots time!

Here are some awesome screenshots of the gears inside the Polytoria Client! Have a look!

bags destroying trees

More tree destroyed footage
bags and Tsukasa_Yuzaki battling with the gears

That's a wrap!

Thanks for reading our blog post! We hope to be releasing more updates soon in the future. You can expect some more weapons as well in the future too! I'll be in the Polytoria Client killing all these noobs if you need me.. 👋