Introducing... Heads!

Introducing... Heads!


If you've been around the Polytoria website, you may have noticed that some of our amazing staff members on our team have been wearing some new things on their avatars. They weren't wearing the normal head that everyone was familiar with! That would be because we were experimenting with a new feature that we are finally rolling out today! We are introducing heads to the website!

How will heads work?

There will be a new section in our shop where you can go to and look at all the available heads we have. Because we are just releasing this new avatar option, there are going to be 7 heads that you can choose from. You can check out the options below! (These are some of the heads we have as of 3/21/2022, and there are going to be more heads in the future.)

Some of the heads we are featuring on our website as of 3/21/2022

These are some of the options that we will have in our store and trust me, there's more to come! You can use the heads in the client as well, so go ahead and show off your new outfits to everyone! Host a talent show! (I'd definitely win that). We can't wait to show you the other heads we will be releasing down the road!

If you want notifications on when we release more items onto our website, you can join our Discord Server and get the "Notifier" role to be pinged when a new item is released.

There are more updates to come, stay tuned for the updates!

~ baggy