Major Improvements + Gifts

Major Improvements + Gifts


Hey everyone! We recently just added some new features to the website, made some adjustments to some things, and made a new client update that we would like to share with you! So let's get straight into what's new.

Introducing... Gifts!

That's right! We released gifts for the Polytoria Community to use. Were you ever interested in being Santa Claus? Now you can! If you go to our Upgrade Page you can choose a gifting option and it will send a gift link directly to your email! You can then share that gift link with someone you would like to have the gift, and they will be able to redeem it! The gifts are 1-time use only.

Speaking of gifts, here's a gift for someone to claim! Tap here for a 500 brick gift! To whoever was fast enough to claim it, enjoy!

Leaderboards have arrived!

You ask we give! Leaderboards have now arrived exclusively on Polytoria. You can check it out by tapping here! You can view Trade value, Forum posts, Comments, Profile views, and Item sales! it will show everyone on the leaderboards. Make it a challenge to get on the top leaderboard!

Community Questionnaire

It's that time of the century again! At Polytoria we're invested in making the best product for our community, so we're asking for you to share your thoughts with us on our product, feel free to be brutally honest! You can fill out the form by tapping here.

Tax Rates have been lowered!

Tax Rates have been lowered from 40% to 25%. This means that you will now get more bricks/studs when you sell something! Hopefully, this helps you guys make some more bricks/studs now.

Client Update

Client 0.1.32: Security update for a malicious bug that was found inside the client. This has now been patched and is no longer abusable. Thanks for reporting this to us! You can report bugs in our discord server (Which you can join by tapping here.)

Discord Logo Competition Winner

On 5/14/2021, We ended our Discord Logo Competition. We had a ton of great entries... And we are pleased to announce that this is our new Discord Logo! Congratulations to Alyx for making the best logo overall.

Fake Discord Icon

Just kidding! That isn't our new logo. Congratulations to Tchabyka for making the best logo overall! Tchabyka has been granted 1,500 bricks for being chosen. If you weren't chosen, Don't worry! We will host many more artwork competitions in the future where you can put your art skills to the test.

New Discord Icon


Thank you guys for reading the new awesome things we are adding to Polytoria! We hope to add more awesome things in the future for the Polytoria Community to enjoy. If you have some suggestions of things you want to be added to Polytoria, make sure to join our Discord Server and suggest them! Every suggestion is taken into thought. Thanks for reading our mini-article, and we hope to see you guys join us soon in Polytoria Showcase #6! (It's coming up soon.. Stay tuned! 😉🏆)

-- bags

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