Pack 'N Roll!

Pack 'N Roll!


Hi Polytorians! A new release is upon us!

Currency Exchange

Converting Bricks to Studs and vice versa is now no longer a fixed rate of 15 studs per brick. Instead, there now is an interactive market of supply and demand, ran by the users of Polytoria.

Click your Studs or Bricks on the header of the Polytoria website. This will bring you to the Currency Exchange page. You'll notice a lot of numbers, but don't worry, we'll explain everything.

Whenever you trade 100 Bricks for some Studs, you trade your 100 Bricks with another user in exchange for some Studs.

You'll notice 2 panels. On the left side, you can see the Studs offers players are making and who are looking to buy Bricks. On the right side, you can see the Bricks offers players are making and who are looking to buy Studs.

An offer looks a bit like this: 100 @ 10:1. This means: I am selling 100 Studs for 10 Bricks (10:1 ratio).

There are two types of orders: Market Orders and Limit Orders.

Market Orders

When you make a market order, you're trading money immediately for the best offer. For example, you want to trade 100 Bricks. Your trade of 100 Bricks will be matched with the currently best offer. The problem is, between you entering the amount of Bricks you want to trade and you pressing "Place Market Order", another trade may have happened and you can end up with a higher or lower trade than that was estimated. Market Orders can be very unpredictable.

Limit Orders

When you're making a limit order, you're entering the amount of money you want to give and the amount you want to get. You get exactly what you want, no more and no less, but these trades can sit on the order list forever. For example, you want to trade 100 Bricks for 500 Studs. Your trade request will be added to the list of available orders and the order will be executed when it's the best offer available and someone wants to place a Market Order. The problem is that better offers will be picked before yours, so for example, when you give 1 Brick for a million Studs, nobody wants to trade for that and your order won't be executed.

You'll also see an option named "Allow split trade". This allows your trade to be split up in multiple smaller trades, for example a trade for 300 Bricks into 2 trades of 50 and one of 200, which makes it easier to find trades. Without allowing split trades you won't trade unless you can make one trade of your entered amount.


Perhaps is this our most exciting since the release of our new website. You can now buy packs!

"Huh, packs?"

You can buy packs from the Polytoria Shop. Each pack contains one random item from the available items for that pack. A prize from a pack can be anything, from studs to tools. You can view all items you can win from a pack by pressing the "View Contents" button on a pack's page.

When you open a pack, the prize wheel will spin and a prize will come out. There are five categories of prizes, in order of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Common is obviously the most common rarity and Legendary is the rarest one with just a small chance of getting one.

The items won from a crate are collectible items and can be resold. There is no limit on how many packs you can buy and how many times you can win an item. Most crates will go off-sale after a while, so buy them while you can!

That's about it for this pretty big release. A few people may have found the "PT_P_TEST" item on the Shop already, but didn't notice it said "Polytoria Pack" rather than "Polytoria Hat" or "Polytoria Tool". So maybe you'll now be more observant on the site ;)

- willemsteller