Egg Hunt Conclusion

Egg Hunt Conclusion


Hey everyone! We've recently ended the egg hunt that we hosted in our updated client for the objective of collecting over 16 eggs in-game to achieve a final hat to show off to your friends! Since the event has now concluded, we are going to wrap up this experience by giving you guys some statistics on how many eggs were collected, which were the most challenging, and so much more!

Eggs Conclusion

We've totaled the numbers, and we're proud to announce that we had a total of 6,638 eggs collected throughout the following two weeks! Our analytics are showing that the most common egg that people got was the Crocodile Egg of Normalness, and the hardest egg to get being Meteorite Egg of Galaxies. This was our first-ever event, and we're happy to see all of you enjoy it. We've learned a lot from this event and we hope to make future events even more enjoyable. We hope that in 2023 we can beat our egg count, and have more eggs for you all to collect!

Game Conclusion

The game did pretty well as well, having a total of 1,077 visits from people all over Polytoria! The game received a total of 211 likes, becoming the first game on the rated page. Right off the bat when our event was released, we had over 30 people playing our game hunting for eggs in our event. At the end of these two weeks, we had a total of 50,520 messages sent back and forth from people participating in our event!

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our developers, artists, and so much more who helped make this event possible for you all. DevPixels, DustinPoirer, Ferizae, Damir, willemsteller, Nextrevit, and so many more helped make this an event that you will remember throughout your time at Polytoria. Trust me, this won't be the last event we create, and we have many more events coming up in the future!