Polytoria Pack #2

Polytoria Pack #2


Hey everyone, I (Clockset) will be going over our second pack in this blog post. I will be answering frequently asked questions, the process behind the packs and additional interesting information throughout. First, lets discuss how we worked out the packs.

Process Behind the Pack
Pack #2

When we had first brainstormed a solid pack idea, we took great inspiration with other popular video games and websites that use similar "mystery box" features and merge it into Polytoria. We managed to fit it into a clean image that we could start development on. The first stage of development that we began was the coding of the pack itself. Owner and developer, willemsteller had been coding the system and worked closely with the staff to decide the item rarities, chances to unbox, etc. on how unboxing would first work and look. With a few reference images and discussions on how the page should look publicly, the first stage was complete and we had the buying, unboxing, or viewing the contents of the pack all finished. Stage 2 was the 3D models and graphic designs. As the head of assets, I composed a list of assets and gave it to our modelers to work on, giving photos to help give them a better idea of the model and having 1-on-1 talks to keep with progress. This process could have taken from 1 week to 3 or more, depending on the amount of people working on it, how much items needed to be made and how the team was working together. Though, after we finish the 2 stages, it goes smoothly from there. We begin to reach the endgame portion of the pack, and the artists upload all the accessories to the admin panel. willemsteller and the heads of staff take the models from the queue and put it into the pack itself, where it is then ready for release. We finish up last minute testing, announce the pack, and officially launch it. This entire process has been similar for every pack that we pre-plan, with some exceptions. Due to the coding part of the pack already being finished from the first one, we just need to make small adjustments to the camera view and tiny bugs. I have kept the asset system the same, though, as it has been proven to be productive and successful. To sum it up, we all put great care into each pack and want to make sure every user enjoys them greatly.

Why We Continued Making Packs

If you are probably thinking "Because it got a lot of sales." that is partially correct. The pack was extremely easy to manage once the issues were out of the way and was well paced for the modelers to work. The staff enjoyed working on it and when we saw that all of you guys had a blast with the packs, we were extremely glad.  Not only did the humongous amount of sales help the economy, but it boosted activity and let newer users or less fortunate users who could not get our other items in time. This is also the reason why we lowered the prices of the packs, to make them more accessible. With the continuation of packs, also came some well needed changes. We immediately reevaluated the "crate" design of the packs and shrunk them down into a miniature box with a cleaner texture and look to it. This felt more appealing to the team and suited the theme of the site more. The rarities of getting items have also been adjusted to make more sense. A lot of users were unhappy about how common or how rare some items were, so we edited all that to best fit the interest of our playerbase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now it's time to get onto answering some of your most asked questions to clear any confusion up.

Will the prices of the packs change?

Yes, the prices will vary depending on the statistics of each pack and what we plan for the future.

Are packs going to be rereleased in the future?

That has been discussed, we still are looking into how it could work smoothly if we did.

When is the next pack releasing?

Aside from Pack #2 just coming to the store, packs usually release every few months.

Who makes the packs?

I control the asset team which works on the packs. Our artists take a specific amount of items and model them until a clean product is made.

Can I keep my pack after it goes off-sale?

Yes! Just go to the item page and you can either keep it or unbox it anytime you feel.

Why do packs take so long to come out?

It requires great planning and team work to get everything out under a certain time period, we want only the best quality for our users.

How can I up my chances at getting a good item?

There are no additional benefits provided to make your chances of getting a legendary higher. We have discussed adding more benefits onto our memberships or similar features.


Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post. I do hope the information that you have been provided with was useful, as our goal is to be as transparent with our community as possible.  We'll be continuing to push out more informative blog posts such as this in the future, thank you for playing Polytoria.\

This blog post was made by Clockset.