Polytoria Showcase #10

Polytoria Showcase #10


Hey everybody! Can you believe it guys? Polytoria Showcase is growing up; We've officially gone from single digits to double digits! This is a huge milestone in Polytoria Showcase history. As a celebration of this huge milestone, we are going to be releasing a special themed hat celebrating Polytoria Showcase #10 that will be going off-sale when Polytoria Showcase #12 comes out! Grab the awesome item while you still can! Another awesome fact about the Showcase is that it is officially a year old! We have released an article almost every single month, and this marks a huge milestone in the legacy of the Polytoria Showcase. Let's get straight into Polytoria Showcase, in double-digit style.

Just a friendly reminder that all people chosen for Showcase will be given a badge and a trophy that they will have on their Polytoria accounts! We just redid our Showcase Badge which you can see below. Make sure to create some awesome builds for our Showcase so you have a chance at being chosen for the award too!

User of the Month

For a few weeks, we've released a wiki for users to showcase cool facts about themselves, information about items, and so much more! There's been one user who has been working extremely hard on the wiki, making sure that all of the pages on the wiki are genuine facts so that you don't have any fake information. Congratulations to Texture for being chosen as our User of the Month!

Texture has over 300 edits on the Polytoria Wiki, which is almost 1/6th of all the edits we have on the wiki at the moment! Texture has been working hard on creating Item Pages, helpful articles on various topics, and many other sections on the wiki! This user has done so much for Polytoria, so we have decided to nominate them for User of the Month. Congratulations again, Texture! Let's move right into Game of the Month!

Game of the Month

The last time we made Game of the Month, all of our games were on our old client and it was hard to make some pretty amazing games. Even though users are extremely talented at making games already, The Everything Update just made things easier for people making games! With an all-new creator featuring a toolbox, scripting, and so much more, users have been able to make some amazing maps! Almost as soon as the creator was released, there was a game that took right off in popularity, and is going up the game rankings with over 300 visits within 1 week of the release! It's a sport that you can play in real life and now has reached the Sandbox Community. Congratulations to Polytoria Bowling by DevPixels for winning Game of the Month!

Just as the title is, your goal is to grab a bowling ball and get all the pins knocked down! You'll have to make sure that you're aiming right though, you only get one shot at getting a strike before the pins reset back to 10! I've only been able to knock down 9 pins in one goal, do you think that you can beat me? Play the game with the button below! We can now move on to Clothing of the Month, let's get right into it!

Clothing of the Month

There are some amazing clothing designers among us. For this month's choice, we've decided to choose two shirts that would be perfect to wear at a rock concert! Congratulations to PolyStar - tee by 6van for winning Clothing of the Month!

These two simple clothing designs are a great way to show off your pride in Polytoria! To make things even greater about these assets, The lightning streak through the text is a flashy and clean design that users can rock with any hat. If you're interested in buying these two shirts, you can buy them by clicking on the links down below. Let's move right into Guild of the Month!

Guild of the Month

Are you a developer on Polytoria? Are you looking for some assistance, or somewhere where you can share your scripts and get feedback from others? Interested in talking about sound designing, graphics designing, and so much more? This guild has you covered right away! Congratulations to Game Designers of Polytoria by Brixster for winning Guild of the Month!

Game Designers of Polytoria is a guild on Polytoria where you can share your creations that you have created directly in the guild! Based on what you prefer to do on Polytoria, you can get ranked on the guild for the role you're interested in! Making some sound designs? There's a role just for you! Building some awesome games on Polytoria? This guild has you covered! You can join the guild by tapping the button below. Let's move right into everyone's favorite one, Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

As you may all know, there is a new website in the works by our entire team at Polytoria! We've been working extremely hard to make sure that you guys will have an awesome website to try out when it's time to release it. There's been one person on the team who's been making our new website extremely amazing, and they've been working on the new website all the time even when they had other things they needed to do. This person deserves a reward, and I would like to congratulate Kleinz with the Staff of the Month reward!

You guys may not see it, but Kleinz has been working extremely hard on our backend and frontend to create a brand new awesome website for you. The entire team has been as a matter of fact, but Kleinz has been working extremely hard, more than anybody else on the team. As a result, Kleinz deserves this reward for his hard work. Congratulations again, Kleinz! Let's wrap up our Showcase with some information.

The promo code reveal

It's time for the big reveal, the moment you've all been waiting for! You can now head on over to the promo codes page and claim this amazing item because the code is... SHOWCASE10! Thank you everyone for sticking with us through all of these showcases, and we can't wait to post more showcases in the future for you all to read and enjoy.

That's another wrap to our monthly showcases! We can't wait to see you next month, on the first day of April! My name is baggy, and I'll see you on April 1st! ~ baggy