Polytoria Showcase #12

Polytoria Showcase #12


Greetings everyone! Welcome back to another awesome monthly Showcase! This month is going to be different, however, as I have decided to let our staff member Kengie write this month's Showcase for us! Don't worry, I'm not retiring or giving up doing Showcases, I just thought that a different person doing this month's Polytoria Showcase would be fun. I will be handing off the microphone to Kengie now, and let's get right into this month's showcase!

Thank you bags. Before I begin this Showcase, I would like to thank you for allowing me to do Showcase #12. I will do my best! NOW! Let us get to it!

User of the Month

First up is User of the Month, now on Polytoria, we have a LOT of users! Just imagine 23,469 USERS!! We are very grateful to have all these users; on Polytoria we have a lot of different and unique players all of which have different talents such as being good at being a friend, good with trades, and many more impressive capabilities. So we decided to make this special User of the Month for their great work in entertainment. Get your cameras out, v6z is the User of the Month! He has been doing great work on Polytoria, making awesome content for the website! We have gained lots of users because of his channel and his amazing content with his notable Purple Top Hat! We are proud to have v6z on Polytoria. You can check out his account with the button right below. Congratulations to v6z!

Game of the Month

Now for the Game of the Month! We have a lot of cool games and talented developers, these developers put a lot of time into their games making the game fun, easy, and sometimes hard for users to enjoy! With friends, or just yourself! We have a couple of games that we wanted to give this trophy to, but we decided on this one simple game which is really calming in its own way and unique. We personally had a lot of fun playing it as well, especially the users! Get your keyboard and mouse ready and make sure to download Polytoria because the Game of the Month is Poly Cafe! You can support this game and its developer by playing their game with the link below. Thank you to JamesC for creating great projects on Polytoria and we hope to see more creations from you in the future!

You can play the game here: (https://polytoria.com/games/2400)

Clothing of the Month

Next is my favorite category, Clothing of the Month! We have so many clothing designers making awesome outfits for all users so it’s hard to say who is the best one. But this month we picked this talented designer. Make sure to get your shirts and pants ironed! This month say hello to the Black Varsity Jacket, now this jacket is very cool and awesome! This jacket can go good with some nice jeans, and cool shades! Make sure to support this user by buying this awesome shirt! You can get the shirt by tapping the button below. Thanks to Chanel for this jacket!

Guild of the Month

Next on the list, we have Guild of the Month! This time we want a guild that represents something else other than groups of people or friends, we want a guild that supports unique tastes outside of Polytoria, where we all can go and enjoy our own things. We decided to select this guild for the Guild of the Month because this community is all about the rhythm! Get your groove on and head over to Music to listen and discuss the best compositions on Polytoria! If you love music, rhythm, the beat of a song, or the lyrics, this is a community for you! Everyone is welcome because everyone has their own taste in music the only question is what is your taste and where will you fit? Join it today! You can join the guild by clicking the button below. Thank you Upside for this community!

Music Guild Icon

Staff of the Month

We are coming to the end of this Showcase so let’s make this last one special! The staff of the Month was baggy, and Nextrevit, but this time we have a new face who will be joining them. Having lots of accomplishments and about to get this lucky achievement, plus a badge to the team! You can say thanks to Upside for all of the help he has been doing for us! (Unlike some staff members, including myself..) BUT anyways, make sure to send him some support because he has been looking at reports, reviews, tickets, and the most important thing on the website, the Forums! Every day and night he clears out hundreds of reviews and more background work for Polytoria! Make sure to send him some grateful messages! Thank you Upside for being a great and helpful staff member here at Polytoria.

From Upside:

"I'm Upside and I honestly love exploring different concepts/things and learning new skills, I've gotten into keyboard making, singing, managing businesses, etc and I orient myself into developing as much knowledge as I can. My goal with Polytoria is to help make the community environment as friendly as it can with staff members since communication is the key to a websites success and I honestly just love this community."

Thank you bags again for giving me this opportunity to do one of these! Hopefully, I will do more in the future but until we meet again I am signing off, make sure to send me a friend request or a message, I will try to send one back! Kengie is out! 🛸

Hey guys, bags here again! Did you guys enjoy our other writer Kengie writing this Showcase? Let us know on our Discord Server! and once again, thanks again guys for reading yet another wonderful Polytoria Showcase, and we'll see you guys again in June!