Polytoria Showcase #13

Polytoria Showcase #13


Can you believe it? It's that time of the month again! It's time for another traditional Polytoria Showcase. We have a ton to share with you, so stick around and read the entire thing to find out what's new, and who got chosen for our topics! As for all of the topics we've been doing for the past 12 showcases, we will be adding a new topic at the end of Guild of the Month, so make sure to stick around to find out what was introducing!

For newcomers who aren't aware of what Polytoria Showcase is, Polytoria Showcase is a monthly blog post that is uploaded to the blog to show off user creations that deserve some attention. If you want to find out more information on how you can submit your creation to Polytoria Showcase, or see if it qualifies, you can tap the button we've attached below which will redirect you to a helpful post that contains all of the topics we offer.

Alright, let's not goof off any longer, let's head straight into the User of the Month!

User of the Month

Earlier last month, we hit over 25,000 users on Polytoria. That is such a crazy milestone that we've accomplished, and that also means that many new users are around the community making a difference to others! Just like usual, there was this one user who you could constantly see in the client, chatting with others and being friendly overall. You're probably going to know this user, they haven't been chosen for showcase in the past either, Congratulations to Heh for winning User of the Month!

Heh is constantly hopping in and out of the client, they're continually being friendly to all of the users they see on the platform! You can also find Heh talking in the discord server, sometimes they'll even pop in the voice chat and say hello and play some games! Congratulations Heh for winning User of the Month, you definitely deserve this reward, and we can now move right on to my favorite topic: Game of the Month!

Game of the Month

Every day, even as you're reading this, games are getting better and better and advancing in so many ways that it's crazy to think about. These amazing games are what keep our gamenights rolling, and it gives the community something fun to play that they haven't experienced before in Polytoria! This game that was chosen gives people a real challenge, to get away from the other opponents, while also making it your goal to not be frozen. Congratulations to Freeze Tag by Ned for winning game of the month!

In this game, some of the fellow peers that are in your game will be chosen as taggers. You will have to run from them in order to avoid being frozen! Once everyone is frozen, the game will end and the taggers will win. If you avoid the taggers long enough and the timer runs out, you've successfully beaten the game! There are multiple maps in the game, which include Old Caverns, Caverns, Town, and Office! The game also features achievements, where if you successfully beat the taggers, you'll earn an achievement for winning as a hider, or if you win as the taggers, you'll get another achievement as well! This game is fun with friends, so I recommend contacting some friends to get started on having fun! If you want to check out this game, you can press the button below and start playing with others! Congratulations again Ned, now let's move right into Clothing of the Month!

Clothing of the Month

Do you feel like being stylish? Do you also like the color green? That's perfect then because this shirt is for you! You can go around wearing this shirt and feel honorable, and stylish at the same time. Maybe someone will throw you a compliment! Congratulations to Green Stylish shirt by Cherrylovelyn for winning Clothing of the Month!

The shirt only costs 5 studs, so everyone should be able to get this shirt if they want to be styled! If you want to check out this shirt, you can press the button below and get styled right away. Now, let's move right on to Guild of the Month!

Guild of the Month

For this months guild of the month, we looked for a guild that would help users make friends and find people that are into the same activities as them. For this guild that were choosing, you can find people who actively use this platform and play games with them as you wish! Congratulations to STEAM Users by GR33N for winning Guild of the Month!

In this guild, you can socialize with people who also use the platform Steam and find people to play games with! This guild is a great way to make friends, and that's why were choosing this guild for Guild of the Month. If you would like to join this guild, you can tap the button below and join the guild and start making friends!

Now, I think it's time that we reveal the NEW TOPIC that we're adding to Polytoria Showcase. It's something that has been on the site for a while, people have used this feature to share the creations that they make, and I'm proud to announce the new topic is... Model of the Month!

Model of the Month

For those who aren't aware, our creators offers models to which users can upload their creations for others to see. We've reached enough models where I feel comfortable enough sharing these awesome user creations with you all and letting users have the chance to be chosen for this topic as well!

For this Model of the Month, we chose a project that's been in the works for months by this one particular user. If you've ever thought about having the ability to have infinite health, the ability to explode others and announce to the server what's going on, this model is definitely designed for you! Congratulations to PolyAdmin v1.2 for being chosen as our first-ever Model of the Month!

With this model, you can add admin commands directly into your game, and make your game come to life! With over 20 commands, you can play music, explode others, fling others, mess around with health, and so much more! This model is also helpful for moderation, you can ban and kick users from your game if you don't want them to join. At this current moment, the v1.2 is released and is public for everyone to put in their game with the link below, and if you join the test game you can check out the v1.3 and see what's coming! Alright, let's move on to Staff of the Month.

Staff of the Month

As you may have known, we've been working very hard on our new website in hopes to get it out to you guys as fast as we can. There's been one developer who's been working hard on the website along with willemsteller, and with this duo, they've been crushing progress on the new website! Congratulations to Alyx for winning Staff of the Month!

Now, let's talk about some updates that have been done to the blog that you might find cool!


Recently, we upgraded our blog, and with the upgrade came a new addition to the blog: Commenting! So now, if you subscribe to the blog and make an account you can access the comments and leave some thoughts on how you felt about our Showcases, and so much more! All comments are reviewed by administrators, and you can have your account on the blog suspended if you leave inappropriate comments. Follow the Polytoria Terms of Service and Community Guidelines!

Search for Posts

Another feature that came with our recent upgrades is the ability to search for blog posts, if you're looking for a specific blog post and you don't want to scroll between our pages of blog posts, you can just click the little magnifying glass and get the blog post you're looking for from there! You don't need an account for this feature, and this feature is free for all to use.

Email Notifications

With the recent upgrades to our blog, we now support the ability to have our blog posts delivered to your email right away! If you wish to get our blog posts from your email, you can subscribe to our newsletter, and whenever a new blog post is released to the public you will have a new email in your inbox waiting for you. Cool, right?

Thanks for reading!

Thank you everyone for reading our 13th Showcase! I know that it's been a while since we've done a showcase, and I apologize for that, but I can promise you that we're going to go back to doing our monthly showcases, and you can expect our 14th showcase next month!

My name is bags, and I'll see you soon!