Polytoria Showcase #14

Polytoria Showcase #14


Hey everyone! Things are starting to get spooky around here at Polytoria, and it's time for our annual Polytoria Showcase: Halloween Edition! For those who weren't around last year, every year when Halloween rolls around we host a unique edition Showcase where you have the chance to show off your spooky avatars, games, clothing, and more! Everyone chosen for the topics during our unique showcase gets the special Polytoria Showcase Halloween Trophy! Alright, enough spooking around, let's get right into our first topic: User of the Month!

User of the Month

For User of the Month, we let users around Polytoria challenge others to create some of the best costumes for the Halloween Season. The users with the best costumes win this topic! We had over 40 submissions of users submitting their best costumes for Halloween, and out of those submissions we chose three people who we thought had the best costumes out of them all! Congratulations to LowProfit, mania, and VoV for being chosen for User of the Month!

Starting with LowProfit, they decided to dress up as a mad-murderer! I would watch out for them, they have a knife and they're prepared to chase you out of town! Up next, we have mania, who decided to take inspiration with their outfit from the game Team Fortress 2! And finally, we have VoV who decided to dress up as a supervillain and go cause issues around the Polytoria City.  Congratulations to those three people, and they will be given the exclusive Polytoria Showcase: Halloween Trophy. Before we move to Game of the month, here are some honorable mentions!

Game of the Month

For our unique showcase that we do yearly, we call game creators from all over Polytoria and we encourage them to create some of the best games so that we can celebrate Showcase in one of the best ways. We've sorted through all of the game submissions that we got, and chosen one game that we will be giving this award. Congratulations to Sir Pumpking's Island by Slurp for winning Game of the Month!

Sir Pumpking's Island by Slurp

In this game, there are multiple things you can look at, start your journey by adventuring to the king pumpkin, who is currently haunting the map! Move your way to the side of the map, and you can check out the abandoned castles, which feature a graveyard, with all of the dead bodies that didn't follow the orders of the king pumpkin! Make your way to the back of the pumpkin, and walk across the water which may have a chance of getting your feet wet. Once you've completed all of the tasks, report back to the king pumpkin, and your life will be spared at his hands! Congratulations again Slurp for being chosen, and if you wish to check out the game you can tap the button that we've attached below. And now, we'll show you some other good games that didn't exactly qualify, but were good as well so they made it onto the blog post! Once were done showing off these games, we'll move right into Clothing of the Month!

Halloween Cafe (Showcase) by Brutus

Clothing of the Month

People who create clothing on Polytoria have an important part of the Halloween spirit, and that's being in charge of creating the costumes that everyone wants to look for! Every costume that someone is wearing, is created by someone on Polytoria. It could be an actual costume, or it could be a shirt that you could wear for the Halloween spirit, it's completely up to these talented people to continue this tradition. Now, let's get into the fun part: choosing the best outfits that were submitted to us! We had over 10 Halloween costumes that the creators submitted to us, and we're choosing one outfit that we have deemed qualifying for Polytoria Showcase. Congratulations to Plague Doctor Shirt + Pants by Brutus for being chosen as Clothing of the Month!

This costume is called Plague Doctor, and is sure to make a great outfit to go trick or treating, so make sure to get your friends, and hop in some of the spooky games that are on Polytoria right now! If you're interested in grabbing this costume for yourself, check out the buttons that we've attached below, and create your costume today! (Just in time for Halloween!) Now, let's move to our final topic: Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

During the month of October, we had multiple staff here at Polytoria working on creating a Halloween event for the community to play. There was one person in specific, however, who was working every day to help create this event so you guys wouldn't be disappointed. This person in specific is who was chosen for Staff of the Month. They're also a moderator here at Polytoria, congratulations to Hungry for being chosen as Staff of the Month!

Hungry was a part of the event team that was helping plan out the Halloween Event for 2022. Unfortunately the event was postponed, but Hungry completed all of the building for the event! Hungry deserves a big round of applause for his work, and we can't wait for you guys to see it in the future. Alright, now that we've gotten through all of the topics for Polytoria Showcase, I think it's time to wrap up this blog post!

Thanks for reading!

Thank you all so much for reading yet another Polytoria Showcase! I hope you all had an extremely spooky season, and if you didn't win this year's Halloween Showcase, don't worry! We have Christmas coming up and you all will have the chance to be able to participate in our Christmas showcase and submit your creations.

See you all in the next Polytoria Showcase! ~ bags