Polytoria Showcase #15

Polytoria Showcase #15


Merry Christmas Polytorians all across the world! I hope you're all having an excellent time with your families and loved ones. Guess what time of the month it is? It's time for another Showcase! Not just any ordinary Showcase, however. We have a surprise for you, a special treat! We will be theming this Showcase all about Christmas, and making this showcase article special just for you! We opened up submissions for this unique Showcase at the start of the month, and users all across the world submitted to us their unique outfits, games, clothing, and more. Let's dig right into this unique Showcase!

For newcomers who aren't aware of what Polytoria Showcase is, Polytoria Showcase is a monthly blog post that is uploaded to the blog to show off user creations that deserve some attention. If you want to find out more information on how you can submit your creation to Polytoria Showcase, or see if it qualifies, you can click the button we've attached below which will redirect you to a helpful post that contains all of the topics we offer.

Everyone who is chosen during our special showcase were hosting will be given an exclusive Christmas trophy as a reward for winning this season's showcase! So if you didn't submit anything this year, make sure to join for a chance to win some of these rewards we offer!

User of the Month

Every year when we host User of the Month during the Christmas holidays, we let users submit to us their unique avatars that they can come up with to celebrate the holidays. In my personal opinion, they get better and better every year! We chose three outfits that we thought showed off the best Christmas spirit, and we're going to be giving them prizes for the best outfits of Christmas 2022. Congratulations to Gandour, mania, and Emir for winning User of the Month!

Starting up with Gandour, they decided to dress up in their pajamas to show their appreciation for Christmas! That's literally the description of me waking up to open my gifts on Christmas. With the candy cane to eat on Christmas day, they're ready to show their pride for the Christmas season! Following up we have mania who is ready for the cold with their scarf to keep them warm, and their sweatshirt which is Christmas themed! I wouldn't mess with them, they have a staff that could take your Christmas gifts away! And lastly, we have Emir who is dressed for the cold in their jacket, prepared for the negative temperatures! Carrying their shark gift that they'll be unwrapping on Christmas day, they have a smile on their face and are ready for anything that's coming at them on Christmas!

Congratulations Gandour, mania, and Emir for being chosen as User of the Month. Below we're going to list some avatars that didn't quite qualify for User of the Month but deserved some recognization as well. Now, let's move right on to Game of the Month!

Game of the Month

Whew! Before we begin with Game of the Month, I must say you guys did a brilliant job creating some Christmas games on Polytoria. It's tough to choose between all of the brilliant submissions we received with all of your wonderful games! After reviewing all of the wonderful submissions we got, we decided to choose two of the best games we thought did wonderfully, and some of the other games will be mentioned below for their good work as well. Congratulations to Santa's Workshop by Slurp for winning Game of the Month!

Starting up with Santa's Workshop, we have this beautiful game with over 5,000 parts! Making your way up the mountain, you can start your journey into Santa's Workshop. Making your way downstairs, you can find that the elves are hard at work making the gifts that you receive on Christmas day! Making your way to the left, you can find where the gifts are wrapped and prepared for delivery. Making your way to the middle of Santa's workshop, you can find where all the gifts and toys are stored, and how many gifts Santa has to give this year! This game exceeds our expectations, and with that, we would like to give Slurp a big congratulations on winning Game of the Month.

Here are some games that quite didn't meet the expectations to qualify for Game of the Month, but still deserve some attention.

Winter Hangout by mania
Christmas Castle by wiz
Christmas Calamity by Emir
Snowlandia [CHRISTMAS22] by Snowdude
Winter Minigames by Hawli

Clothing of the Month

With the holidays being just around the corner, this means that you obviously need clothing to be prepared for the winter! Jackets, sweaters, you name it, you obviously need to dress up for the holidays. People all over Polytoria have taken the liberty of doing that for you, and we chose this perfect outfit that we believe fits the holiday spirits and qualifies for Clothing of the Month! Congratulations to Christmas hu tao by Hu Tao for winning Clothing of the Month!

Model of the Month

Just two articles ago, we introduced a new topic to Polytoria Showcase - Model of the Month. With our unique Christmas contest just around the corner, we decided to include this topic, and let users from all around the world submit their best models! We had a really cute submission that we just know blew away the competition, and there was no going back from what we saw. Congratulations to Snowman by Emotion for winning Model of the Month!

Show off your Christmas spirit by putting this Snowman in your game! 

Staff of the Month

When the holidays start to roll around the corner, we all start to get busier and busier. Even our staff have things to do to help celebrate the holidays! While we were all scrambling to get things done and released, we had one person who went far and above the expectations that we gave them. They helped us get the Christmas Event of 2022 out to you guys and live. And with that, we would like to congratulate Chonky on winning Staff of the Month!

Chonky was getting busier and busier with the holidays right around the corner and was dealing with school finals. Even with the school finals being right around the corner, Chonky was willing to help and get our Christmas Event out live by modeling and creating the Suspiciously Shark Shaped Present for the holidays! Chonky met our expectations, and with that, we would like to congratulate Chonky on being chosen for Staff of the Month.

Merry Christmas!

And with our last topic being Staff of the Month, it's time to bring our Showcase to a close! Thanks, everyone for taking the time to read this month's showcase, and remember to join our Discord to be notified when we do special showcases like this! Make sure to spend the holidays with your loved ones, and I will see you at the next Showcase!

~ baggy