Polytoria Showcase #16

Polytoria Showcase #16


Hey there, Polytorians! Welcome back to another Polytoria Showcase! We have so much to share with you guys, with many new places, clothing, and users to showcase to you all! Enough with the introduction, let's get straight into our showcase so we aren't wasting any more time!

For newcomers who aren't aware of what Polytoria Showcase is, Polytoria Showcase is a monthly blog post uploaded to the blog to show off user creations that deserve some attention. If you want to find out more information on how to submit your creation to Polytoria Showcase or see if it qualifies, you can click the button we've attached below which will redirect you to a helpful post that contains all the topics we offer.

Friendly reminder for everyone who gets chosen during one of our Showcases, we give out a trophy that you can wear and show off to your friends! If you're interested in wanting a chance to obtain this trophy, you can simply do so by being part of the community, creating a place, or any of the topics that we have to offer on Polytoria! Now, let's start our showcase.

User of the Month

With the release of our new website a few months ago, we have grown over time, reaching an impressive amount of 38,000 users on our website! Included with those big numbers, we've had some amazing people start joining our community and interacting with the community, making friends and making memories along the way.

One user that we are choosing in specific has been a great addition to our community, is definitely beloved by many people, and is one of the chillest people you will ever meet. They love to make places on Polytoria, such as spooky horror places, or even participate in building events that we've been hosting! Congratulations to Emir for being chosen as User of the Month!

Emir is a great friend to many on Polytoria, with a staggering amount of over 1,000 friends on Polytoria! They even have the best badge you can get for having so many friends on Polytoria! Emir loves to participate in the ARGs that we've hosted, being involved with the team "take one bag of sprite". You can often find Emir chatting with the community, or even find them in a place on Polytoria! Congratulations again to Emir for being chosen as User of the Month, and now we will be moving on to Place of the Month.

Place of the Month

Do you know the best thing about places on Polytoria? They help you make friends, but there are definitely some places on Polytoria that make you question if your friend is being truthful. The place we chose will have you testing the truthfulness of your friend, teamwork will be required, and if you can use your teamwork to find out who the mystery person is, you will win! Congratulations to mafia game by fishen for being chosen as Place of the Month!

There is a mafia amongst all of you, and in the dark, this mystery person will strike and kill one of your teammates. With a group effort, you will have to figure out who this mystery person is, and bring justice to save the remaining teammates who are alive!

Every round you will vote someone off, and this is where you will have to decide who is telling the truth, and who is not. The person you trust could very much be the person who is the mafia! There is a detective who will also be at the table and will be able to check a player's role every night and help the other people at the table figure out who the mafia is.

Are you interested in being put up to the challenge, and challenging your friends to figure out who the mafia is? Then this place is definitely for you, and we recommend you check it out! We have linked a button below where you can check the place out, and we hope to see you there! Now, let's go take a look at our next topic: Clothing of the Month!

Clothing of the Month

Clothing still remains one of our biggest topics to discuss on Polytoria Showcase, with all types of new clothing being created every day. When the economy was reset, we got even more creators making amazing clothing to choose from for Clothing of the Month!

We chose an outfit that was standing out in our store, recently was uploaded, and has become a bit hit over time! We would like to say congratulations to the Polydas Hoodie Outfit by Snowdude for being chosen as our Clothing of the Month!

Show off your style to all your friends while wearing this outfit. Currently becoming one of the biggest hits on Polytoria, and don't worry - It's free! You don't have to pay a cent to wear this outfit. If this outfit isn't your type of style either, Snowdude runs a guild that is dedicated to creating clothing, where you will have the option of choosing between anything.

Congratulations to Snowdude and his outfit for being chosen as Clothing of the Month, and if you're interested in claiming this outfit or checking out more of his outfits you can check the buttons we've linked below. Now, let's move toward Guild of the Month!

Guild of the Month

With new guilds being created every day, it gives everyone new choices every day to join and check out a new guild. With each guild serving individual purposes, it helps grow the community together!

With the new launch of the new website, there was a guild on Polytoria that has become a big hit and has people very interested in it. Talk amongst your peers and start your calculators, because it's time to check out the values of the store! Congratulations to Polytoria Values for being chosen as Guild of the Month!

Polytoria Values is a guild on Polytoria that is all about trading in the marketplace, collecting new limited that are uploaded, and discussing with the users of Polytoria what to do with the items.

These people hold a special role - and that's what this guild is all about! Get ranked for your specific value on Polytoria, and then make sure to join their Discord Server and talk with all of the users who are interested in the economy. Maybe you'll manage to get a good snipe!

Congratulations again to Polytoria Values for being chosen as Guild of the Month, and if you're interested in checking out this guild you can click the button that we've attached below. Now, let's move on to Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

Staff on Polytoria have been working around the corner to make your experience on the website, and the client/creator more enjoyable. Recently, we just released our new website, with a lot of help from a certain developer. This developer is also exceeding our expectations by going above and beyond and helping us overhaul our creator to make your experience more enjoyable! Congratulations to Alyx for being chosen as Staff of the Month!

Alyx recently helped in our big overhaul of our website, and is still providing new things on the website, such as the 3D Renderer, and fixing the bugs that you guys find along the way! Alyx has recently been putting more focus on our new creator, which will feature optimization so you guys have fewer issues with working around our creator.

Thanks to Alyx's amazing efforts, progress on overhauling our creator has been going along quicker, which means that you guys will have new things to try out in the upcoming future! Congratulations again for being chosen as Staff of the Month, and now we will be concluding our Showcase.


Thank you all for reading our latest edition of Polytoria Showcase! We're just getting back into the groove of doing our monthly editions, so you can be sure that you'll see another one of our blog posts next month!

See you next month! ~ baggy