Polytoria Showcase #18

Polytoria Showcase #18


Happy Halloween, Polytorians! I hope things are feeling spooky for you all, and I hope you all have gotten more candy than you've lost by getting tricked. With it being Halloween, it's time for our annual Halloween Showcase!

Earlier at the beginning of this month, we opened up submissions for players across Polytoria to create clothing, and places, and decorate their avatars! These submissions had to be around Halloween and would give you a chance at winning our exclusive Halloween Trophy for being selected. Enough chatting, let's move straight into our first topic: User of the Month!

User of the Month

For Halloween this year, we asked players around Polytoria to decorate their avatars to the best of their ability to match the Halloween theme this year. We had many submissions from users who created some very spooky avatars, and we applaud everyone who decided to participate in this category! It was tough, and it was also close, but we did manage to choose two of the spookiest avatars this year. Congratulations to Zukie and Deeco for being chosen for User of the Month!

Starting up with Zukie's avatar, we have the type of killer that you would expect to be dressed up for Halloween. I would watch your back because it looks like he has a knife, and is ready to use it! He doesn't appear to be friendly, but you never know, so maybe it will be alright to say hello to him. Following up we have Deeco's avatar, who went for the less killer-type avatar, and more of a friendly neighbor who's interested in participating in Halloween. He appears to be more relaxed, and ready to give off good vibes this Halloween.

Congratulations to Zukie and Deeco for being chosen for User of the Month, and we will be featuring some avatars that didn't exactly qualify but still gave a good effort down below. Now, let's go take a look at some of the creepy places that you guys put effort towards!

Place of the Month

Places continue to be one of the biggest amount of submissions that we receive during the holidays. Typically, everyone likes to come together and create some spooky places where we can all play together! Some of these places could be you showcasing your building skills, or some of these places could even feature your scripting skills and allow others to come together and hangout during these special holidays.

Two people on Polytoria have come together to put their building and scripting skills to the test, and allow others to enjoy both these wonderful things that help make Polytoria special during these holidays! Congratulations to fishen and Deeco for being chosen for Place of the Month!

Starting off with Deeco's building skills, Deeco has created a mansion that is Halloween-themed, featuring many spooky attractions inside, such as the haunted statue (which I wouldn't get near), and the lighting that gives off creepy vibes as soon as you walk into the mansion. This build definitely has effort and time taken into it, and if you're interested in checking out the build we will be attaching a link to the bottom of this section.

Next up, working with Deeco we have fishen's place called Ghostbonk! The place is pretty simple. Choose which team you'd like to be on, ghosts or humans. If you choose to be on the ghosts team, then your main goal is to possess all of the objects that are around the building! While the ghosts possess the objects that surround the mansion, the humans will be given a hammer and have the main goal of getting to BONK the ghosts out of existence. It sounds pretty simple, right? It's tons of fun, and we recommend checking out this duo creation that Deeco and fishen have created! We will be attaching a link to the Ghostbonk place as well down below if you're interested in checking it out. Now, let's go take a look at Clothing of the Month!

Clothing of the Month

Clothing during the Halloween holidays continues to be one of our biggest categories yet, with many submitting classic wear, and even submitting costumes that you can wear around Polytoria to do your own trick-or-treating! We had so many submissions that we're going to be separating this category into two categories. We're going to be choosing some outfits based on classical wear, and we're going to be choosing some outfits based on their costumes! We appreciate everyone who has submitted these special designs, so don't feel bummed if you didn't get chosen - We have many more special holidays coming up that you can participate in!

Starting up with the classical clothing, we have two guilds who have created some more classical and comfortable wear for Halloween that fits in with the theme. Giving off pumpkin and spooky vibes, we would like to say congratulations to Spookoween shirt by XD Clothings and Black and Orange Hoodie by Astro for being chosen as Clothing of the Month!

Next up we're going to be taking a look at the costumes that have been created for the Trick or Treat activities. If you're interested in going door to door and you're looking for a costume to blend in with the holidays, these costumes that we have chosen will certainly have you covered. Congratulations to the Pirate costume by Gavin and the Skeleton costume by Snowdude for being chosen as Clothing of the Month!

Starting up with our first outfit, we have a pirate! Arrre matey, give me all of your candy! You better listen to this person's demands when they're knocking on your door, or they'll use their sword and fight you to the death! The next outfit that we have is a skeleton outfit, which is more relaxed, except for the fact that you can see every bone that is inside of your body. This might be a little creepy for Halloween, but hey, that's what Halloween is for, to be creepy! We have attached links to these amazing outfits by the names of the costumes and classical outfits, and we hope to see you wearing them during Halloween! Alright, now let's move onto our next topic: Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

Have you checked out the Trick O' Toria event? It's fun! The entire staff team knows that you've all been having a fun time collecting your candy for Haunted Studs, and we're super glad to see how excited you all have fun! With tons of planning, our team was able to get the Trick O' Toria event out to you. Of course though, with everyone doing different roles to complete the event, we have to choose someone from the event team who worked on something significant in the event!

The person we are choosing for Staff of the Month is on the asset team, and created almost every single asset that you are able to redeem on our event store! Assets take time and dedication to create, and we are super proud of this person for putting this insane amount of dedication toward the event. Let's give a big round of applause to olo for being chosen for Staff of the Month!


Olo was working extremely hard to make sure that these assets got out on time for the Trick O' Toria event. Some of your favorites were actually created by olo! For example, olo created the Hockey Mask and The Clown! Make sure to say thank you to olo for putting this insane amount of dedication in for the event, as their dedication has helped the event become one of our best events this month. Now, let's conclude this blog post!

But wait, the fun isn't over yet!

Today is Halloween! That means that we should be giving you guys something special as well! Join the Trick O' Toria event today, because all Haunted Studs are 2x the amount, only exclusive for today! That means if you'd usually get 8 Haunted Studs, you will now get 16!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Showcase of 2023! We loved all of the things that were sent to us, and we couldn't be happier with the result. If you weren't chosen this year, that's alright! Christmas is getting closer, and you'll have another shot at participating and winning another exclusive trophy when we announce submissions.

See you all next month! ~ baggy