Polytoria Showcase #2

Polytoria Showcase #2


Happy Wednesday everyone! It's that special time of the week again, where we all gather around to read... Polytoria Showcase #2! We have some pretty cool things people made to show you all, so enjoy our second showcase!

Remember, Whoever gets chosen for our showcase also gets this pretty nifty badge! So try to get noticed on Polytoria and you may just see this shiny badge on your profile...

Showcase Badge

Alright! Enough with reintroducing the showcase, let's get straight into who we chose for this week!

User of the week

This week we decided to look for some people on Polytoria who were making content, or gameplay of Polytoria. We found a content creator who I think is doing really well with the content they are producing, and should be chosen this week. Please congratulate Tsukasa_Yuzaki for making User of the week this week!

Tsukasa_Yuzaki has made a bunch of videos revolving around Polytoria, and I think it's a great thing to see that people are making content around Polytoria. They have gone over Polytoria, forums, games, and they even went over our Showcase! You can check out the channel by clicking on this link! Congratulations again, Tsukasa_Yuzaki. Let's get onto Game of the week!

Game of the week

As we said previously in our first showcase, games are a super important part of our community. Making games takes patience, time, and effort. We appreciate every game on Polytoria and we would like to acknowledge the users who made games on Polytoria! So congratulations to Polytorian Citizen BETA (Christmas Theme) by Aiko for being chosen as our second Game of the week!

Polytoria Citizen is a game where you can socialize, talk with your friends, and even go into a cave and complete this hard obby! Only the best of the best can complete the obby.. So do you think you can beat it? Let us know! If you beat it tag us on twitter with the hashtag #POLYTORIAOBBY2021 and we will be retweeting some winners who beat it! Alright.. Moving onto clothing of the week!

Clothing of the week

Clothing of the week is another huge part of Polytoria, and I appreciate everyone who takes the time and effort to make clothing for Polytoria! I would like to acknowledge people who make clothing for Polytoria more. Congratulations to Aliey for being our second person to be chosen for Clothing of the week!

Aliey made this awesome looking suit on Polytoria a few months ago and I was suggested by multiple people to showcase this wonderful suit. I can see the time and dedication taken to make the suit! You can grab the suit by tapping the links: Shirts Pants. Onto Guild of the week!

Guild of the week

Guilds... Guilds... Guilds... Let's see... Growing guild? Check.. Advertising? Check... Merch? Check... Oh! Being a totally cool guild? Check! Sorry about that.. Just going over my checklist! I think I have an awesome guild in mind that qualifies for all of these. Congratulations to pigs for being awarded Guild of the week!

Recently I have seen pigs growing in population on Polytoria. This group has been advertising and even has some pig merch! Check out how adorable the merch is.

Altogether this is an awesome group and you should join. You can join the guild here by tapping this link! Now let's take a look at Staff of the month.

Staff of the month

Currently, Rey O.Mighty is still our staff of the month. Rey is still doing a terrific job at his job and if you see him around make sure to say thank you! He's been working very hard to keep Polytoria a safe place. Now let's recap this week!

Wishing Splash Goodbye

It is with broken to announce that Splash has decided to resign from the Polytoria team after 2 years of service here at Polytoria. The staff team here at Polytoria would like to thank Splash for everything and his great service at Polytoria and we wish him good luck wherever the future brings him.

Wishing Zay Goodbye

It is with broken hearts that Zay has decided to retire from Polytoria on 2/21/2021 after 1 year of service at Polytoria. The staff team here at Polytoria would like to thank Zay for everything he has done on Polytoria and wish him good luck wherever the future brings him.


Since Zay retired and he was the Head of Staff and managed the Moderation team, someone else needed to manage that team! The management decided to promote bags to Head of staff! Congratulations! I hope to see more promotions in the future for the staff team!

Thanks for reading our second showcase!

I hope you enjoyed our second showcase as much as you enjoyed our first showcase! I apologize for delaying the showcase but you can expect our third showcase to be on Sunday, as usual! Goodbye for now!