Polytoria Showcase #3

Polytoria Showcase #3


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Polytoria Showcase. We got some exciting things to share with you guys today! This will be the last showcase where staff choose nominations. The community will now be able to help us choose! Make sure to read the whole blog post for more information on this. Now let's get straight into the showcase!

And don't forget, whoever gets chosen for showcase gets this shiny badge on their profile. So try your best and maybe you'll get the shiny badge! You all have a chance to get the badge, you could make a game, some clothing, or just be a overall great part of the community! The main goal is for you to try.

Alright! Let's get started on the showcase.

User of the Week

User of the week... Where users from around Polytoria get acknowledged for the good deeds they do! Right now, there are over 13,000 users on Polytoria. Super exciting! But there is one person per week who sticks out and is a great user of Polytoria... Congratulations to QoQ for being chosen for User of the week!

QoQ is a extremely great person around Polytoria. You can see QoQ around the discord server as well! QoQ comes and goes, trading, talking to other users, all of the good things we like to see in Polytoria! Congratulations again, QoQ. You deserve it! Now let's get onto game of the week.

Game of the Week

Another fun thing that I enjoy about games is seeing people playing them. Usually you'll see me around in a Polytoria game checking it out! (Sometimes even for the showcase) You can make anything on Polytoria! There's even restaurants... Which is why we chose McDonalds [Update] for our game of the week! Congratulations to McDonalds [Update] made by CyA for being chosen as our Game of the Week!

Cheeseburger please!

This game is a replica of the McDonalds you would usually see in real life, except it's in Polytoria! So now instead of driving out of your house to go get a cheeseburger, you can get a cheeseburger right here in Polytoria! You can invite your friends along to come as well, don't worry! There's plenty of space for everyone. Moving onto Clothing of the Week!

Clothing of the Week

Colors... Something that styles up clothing all the time. Sometimes you wonder if you could just wear every color on one shirt! Maybe you want the rainbow on your shirt as well. Well then this shirt's got your back! Congratulations to im colorful, like the rainbow by fendi for winning Clothing of the Week!

This shirt has every color in the rainbow on one shirt! It even has some fancy text saying "rainbow" in the rainbow! Now if you always wanted to wear the rainbow, you can! You can go get the rainbow shirt by tapping on this link. Let's move onto Guild of the Week!

Guild of the Week

Sometimes it can be hard to find clothing from the clothing section. That's where guilds comes in handy! You can find some guilds that are all about clothing. There is one guild that has some excellent work with their clothing and has populated in over a day! Congratulations to Azure for winning Guild of the Week!

Azure is a guild on Polytoria that revolves around selling clothing on Polytoria. I personally think that the clothing is excellent and there's a huge amount of clothing for everyone to choose from! Depending on how much clothing you have bought, you can get ranked for it in the guild as well! Feel free to check out the guild's store by tapping on this link. That's all for now for the showcase! Let's discuss all about what's going to happen with the showcase.

Updates regarding the Polytoria Showcase

It has come to my attention that people on Polytoria don't like that staff have been choosing topics revolving on the showcase. Now whenever someone says something about the showcase I always think about what they have said, and how I can make things better. I have decided that the showcase will no longer be staff chosen, but the community will be able to help choose topics for the showcase!

How does this work?

The community will be able to help choose topics for the showcase. Example, if you find a game that you really enjoy you can join our Showcase Discord and send it in #game-of-the-week! Don't worry! Every submission that you guys send will be read over carefully, so you all got a shot at making it into the showcase!

Where can I join?

You can join our discord server by tapping on this link below. Once you have joined our discord server you will have to verify your Polytoria Account in order to gain access to the server!

Are there any requirements?

Nope! You can feel free to submit anything. Depending on the quality of what you are submitting it may not be chosen but it will for sure have a chance no matter what! Just make sure that what you are submitting is appropriate and isn't just something you made as a joke. Example: Don't submit a game with just 1 brick in it. The submission will be deleted and you could be muted from the server or temporarily banned or kicked!

Can I leave feedback in the server?

Certainly you can! Join the discord server and go to #feedback. You can leave all kinds of ideas and things you want to see added to the showcase! Remember, I read everything you guys send me in the #feedback channel. I will do anything to make the showcase better for you guys. I hope this helps improve the showcase overtime!

Let me in... NOW!

Alright! You can join the discord server by tapping on this link. Once you have joined make sure to verify yourself! Go to the #verify channel for instructions on how to verify if you don't know already.

Thank you for reading the 3rd Polytoria Showcase!

Thanks everyone for reading the 3rd Polytoria Showcase! I hope to see the showcase improve overtime for you guys. Make sure to join the discord server so we can slowly improve our showcase! My name is bags... and I'll see you all in the next showcase!

-- bags