Polytoria Showcase #4

Polytoria Showcase #4


hello guys welcome to the polytoria showcase #4, unfortunately willemsteller has decided to not pay me this month and as a result i will be going on strike until willemsteller decides to pay me. i wish to not leave you guys hangin so i will make a showcase for you guys except it won't be as good as usual. let's get started!

user of the week

theres only one person i could think deserve user of the week. if theres anyone in the world who has done more work around the site, it's this person. everyone please give a round of applause for willemsteller being our user of the week!1!1!

willemsteller is one of our top active users on polytoria. willemsteller is actually one of the top forumers with over 1,592,982 forum posts! willemsteller is also a huge trader on the site, with a rap of 159,827,892 million. congratulaTions willemsteller, you deserve this. lets move onto game of the week

game of the week

unfortunately polytoria has not released games yet, and we are scheduled to release games on the following dates:

microsoft windows + macintosh - april 14th, 1997

sony playstation - april 17th, 1997

please stay tuned for the following dates so you can play the polytoria client. i cant wait to see everyone in game!

so while we work on releasing our game, there cannot be a game of the week. we apologize to everyone who was excited about game of the week, but you can expect game of the week when we release. lets move onto clothing of the week now.

clothing of the week

have you ever wanted a shirt just so you could prove that bags is the real bags and clockset is the fake? well now theres a shirt for that. introducing the clockset is fake shirt!

this shirt proves that clockset is fake and that bags is the real person. because lets be real, we all know im the real person, and clockset is fake. so congratulations to the clockset is fake shirt made by bags for being chosen as clothing of the week. let's move onto guild of the week.

guild of the week

guilds... guilds.. huh. thats strange, i cant find guilds anywhere! are they over here?

nope! guilds arent there. how about groups?

nope! it seems guilds have mysteriously vanished and cannot be found. as a result of this happening, we cannot do guild of the week. i apologize to everyone who was excited for guilds. i will notify willemsteller that guilds are missing, but i dont think he will do anything as he refuses to pay me anymore. lets just... move on again.

staff of the week

staff are a huge part of polytoria. staff are what keep polytoria safe and community friendly. recently theres a staff member who has done a bunch of work. i think this person deserves staff of the month. please congratulate re-

whats that willem? rey o.mighty cant be staff of the month again? why? because he smells really bad? and he was already staff of the month? alright... ill choose someone else.

sorry guys, let me correct myself. please congratulate lags for getting staff of the month!

lags has done so much work around the site, i see lags moderating the forums, and i see lags doing all kinds of things in the discord (which may i mention, you should join our discord 😉)

lags is one of the top active moderators with rey o.mighty trailing right behind lags. they both basically tie. congratulations lags, keep up the good work.

discord updates

hey guys, i also wanted to tell you guys about some discord updates that are going on. recently discord added a stage option where you can host a stage in a server and people can join and do whatever they want (depending on the topic of the stage and what its being used for.) our polytoria server has recently used the new stage feature as a chance to catch up with you guys and update you guys about whats going on! we hosted a Q&A earlier in the server and it was awesome! we got to talk with you guys about what you guys wanted to ask us. because we did so well, we will be hosting more Q&A's in the future! you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/pwYP5cZ9zg

another polytoria server that will be hosting some things in the future is the official polytoria showcase server. in the polytoria showcase server you can submit topics about who you want in the showcase. another bonus is that we will be hosting an art contest in the server at some point! so if i were you i would also join our showcase server here: https://discord.gg/SndvFngtW7

thats another wrap

awesome! another showcase done. please let us know what we could do better for our showcase and improvements you guys would like to see. have a wonderful day, and don't forget:

my name is bags, and im signing off!

*also i beg please dont kill me for this showcase #5 will be legit i swear*