Polytoria Showcase #5

Polytoria Showcase #5


Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks since we have released a new Showcase for the Polytoria community. I had to talk to willemsteller about how I wasn't paid last time, and he has finally agreed to pay me again, so now that I finally have my 1 penny per week paid back, we can now begin Polytoria Showcase #5! Let's get straight into the discussion.

Don't forget everyone! Whoever gets chosen in our Showcase wins this shiny badge on their profile on Polytoria. Make sure to be creative, and you can have a chance at being entered into the Showcase!

Apart from this shiny badge… We are adding something new you will be receiving if you get chosen for our Showcase! Everyone who gets nominated and wins a category in the Showcase will receive a shiny trophy that you can hold on to your avatar with pride! Anyone who has been chosen for the Showcase before we introduced this reward will be given the Trophy as well. With that being said, let's get into the Showcase!

User of the Week

Last time we decided to pick willemsteller for our 4th showcase. Sorry willemsteller, but unfortunately that was a joke. willemsteller will never be in the Showcase! (he smells bad) Our real User of the Week on the other hand has done things that are noticeable in the community by the staff and users. Things that I think everyone in the Polytoria Community should look up to. Congratulations to QQQ for being our User of the Week this week!

QQQ is one of our top members actively seen around our discord with over 17,000 messages! If you see QQQ in our Discord Server make sure to say hello! You can also see QQQ around on the website. Sometimes you can see QQQ around on the forums, and sometimes commenting on our large variety of shop items! Now, let's move onto the game of the week.

Game of the week

The last time we did game of the week, There were no games at all! The games magically disappeared on April 1st. Crazy, right? Well, willemsteller corrected the error and the games are back! This means that Game of the week is back. For this week's Game of the week, Congratulations to Plotagon's BattleGround! By plotagon for being chosen for this week's Game of the week!

Get your weapons ready… We're going on a trip to Plotagon's BattleGround! In this game, your goal is to survive and attack your other opponents who are competing against you as well. There are obstacles around the map to stop the weapons from reaching your opponents! So be careful and plan your moves carefully. You can check out this game by tapping here. Next, I'll dive into the clothing of the week!

Clothing of the week

There are some awesome clothing designers here at Polytoria.. and one of them is Kengie! Kengie has recently been making a large batch of clothing for Polytoria, and is even hosting sales on their work! Congratulations to Black Suit (+) for being chosen as our Clothing of the week!

This suit is a stylish type of shirt that you can wear around the website for special occasions! Put it on for a formal dinner, or just show it off to your colleagues. If you are the type of person who is interested in business, this is the suit for you. There are a whole lot of other suits that are around Polytoria as well if you would like to check them out, though Kengie's suit is one of a kind. Let's move onto Guild of the Week!

Guild of the Week

The last time we checked out Guild of the Week in Polytoria Showcase #4, it didn't exist! (You can blame willemsteller for that again)

Now that Polyoria has been brought back from the 1997's, guilds have returned and we can continue the Guild of the Week award!

For this Showcase, we are going to be going back in time to look at Old Users! Old Users is a guild on Polytoria that revolves around your Polytoria Account age. If you join this guild, you will be ranked depending on what year you joined Polytoria. If you joined Polytoria in 2018, you will get the 2018 role! Did you join in 2019? You'll get the 2019 role! There are multiple roles for what year you joined, so make sure to join the guild! Congratulations to Old Users for getting Guild of the Week! You can join the guild by tapping here. Moving onto Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

Recently there have been some new moderators and staff members popping in and out of Polytoria! One of the new Moderators here at Polytoria have proven that they deserve this role, and that they deserve being honored. Please congratulate Nextrevit on being our Staff of the Month!

Nextrevit was hired onto the Polytoria team on 04/21/2021, and ever since has been a huge help to Polytoria. Nextrevit is the one who designs the Blog Art, and helps keep Polytoria a clean and safe place! I believe that Nextrevit deserves being Staff of the Month as a result. Congratulations again, Nextrevit! Moving onto Polytoria News + Events!

Polytoria News + Events

Right now there is currently a Discord Event being hosted in our Discord. We need a new Discord Icon! If you join our discord you can help participate in our contest. The prize is 1,500 bricks + The Discord Icon you made will be featured on our discord! There are some rules you will need to follow, so I will be listing them below.


  1. You are making our server icon, so make sure it themes Polytoria!
  2. Make sure that the logo is 512x512 px or bigger. Anything below will not be approved!
  3. It has to include the Polytoria logo!
  4. There should be some padding around the logo.
  5. Make sure you are verified in our server so you can access the channel and submit your work!

The contest will go on until May 14th, so good luck to everyone! You can submit the icon you make in our Discord in the channel #contest-submission. You can vote in the channel on what icon you like as well! The icon with the most votes will be chosen.

New Moderators!

Recently we have opened up our Moderation Applications to the community. We have decided who will be our new moderators! Please welcome rares, CEO, and Usd to the Polytoria Moderation Team! If you didn't pass applications, it's alright! You can try again next time we open up applications again, everyone is always welcome to apply.

Polytoria Showcase Discord

Hey! We have a Showcase Server you should join. In the Showcase Server, you can nominate games, clothing, guilds, and users that you think will best fit for the Showcase! We are looking for suggestions from you guys, so if you could join our Discord Server you can help us pick out winners for our showcase. You can join the Discord Server by tapping here. Make sure to verify into our server so you can suggest topics for us!

That's a wrap!

Thank you guys for reading Showcase #5! I know it's been a while since we did our last Showcase, but we will be releasing more Showcases more often! We hope you enjoyed this week's Showcase, and we hope you have an awesome day!

My name is bags, and I'm signing out for the evening! Goodbye!

~bags (and Clockset)