Polytoria Showcase #7

Polytoria Showcase #7


Woah! I can't believe it's already been 5 months, Welcome back to Polytoria Showcase! We know it's been a while and believe us, we missed the showcase as much as you guys missed it. We've had a short break to get some things settled behind the scenes for Showcase, and then we remodeled our games and had to wait longer! Now that all of that is over let's get into some new things we are adding to Showcase.

! Halloween News !

Hey guys! We are going to be hosting a October contest for this Spoooooky mood… 👻

With the google form below, you can submit things you have made on Polytoria that are Halloween themed. It could be your avatar, your games, even Halloween clothing! Anything that is Halloween themed we’re going to let you submit. Link: https://forms.gle/eXXUSzz4yayZEdRP8 Have fun everyone! - bags 👻🎃

Official Showcase Icon

You may have noticed that when we did Polytoria Showcase we didn't have an icon for Polytoria Showcase! That all changes today. Thanks to Default, a user on Polytoria, he created an amazing Icon for Polytoria Showcase! We are now proud to present, the official Polytoria Showcase Icon!

The new official Polytoria Showcase Icon

This icon will be representing Polytoria Showcase and will be representing our group, discord server, and more! Thanks, Default for making us this brilliant icon. Let's move on to the next news!

What's this? Showcase Pin?

What's a Showcase Pin you may be asking? Well, it's an item that everyone can get! If you are a supporter of Polytoria Showcase you can redeem a promocode to get our new exclusive item Polytoria Showcase Pin! Keep reading our latest Showcase and we will reveal the promocode at the end.

Now that we got the important new things we're adding to Polytoria Showcase out of the way, Let's get straight into our User of the Week!

User of the Week

It's been so long since we did Showcase, that there were so many good people in the community that it makes it hard to choose who we want for our User of the Week! This week we have chosen a Polytoria YouTuber who has made a variety of videos dedicated on Polytoria. He has also made a cool cafe game that took him about 2 days to complete! You can watch his journey on him making his game here. Congratulations to Morxemplum for being User of the Week!

If you are interested in the awesome game that Morxemplum has made you can click here to go check out his game. It's called Life & Death Cafe and it has some detailed cakes, chairs, rooms, and more in it! Congratulations again to Morxemplum for earning User of the Week. Let's now move on to Game of the Week!

Game of the Week

The last time we did Game of the Week we didn't have any scripted games! Well, this time we do. Beta testers were given access to early scripting and we now have scripted games on Polytoria! This time we are going to be featuring a scripted game. This simple game is very easy, all you need to do is survive everyone else while the blocks you walk across disappear! When everyone else fails and you are the last person standing, you win! Congratulations to spleef by pomatthew for winning Game of the Week!

If you are interested in checking out this scripted game, you can tap here to go to the game. Congratulations again to pomatthew for earning Game of the Week. We can now move on to Clothing of the Week!

Clothing of the Week

Clothing of the Week is one of the best topics that is also a huge part of Polytoria! Clothing is what makes your avatar stylish, and what makes you stand out. For this week's Clothing of the Week, we have decided to pick someone who has been making concert clothing all over Polytoria! If you are into rap or concerts, then this clothing is just for you. Congratulations to Plush for earning Clothing of the Week!

If you go to Plush's inventory which you can find by tapping here, you can find all of his shirts that he has created and see if there is one that best fits you. There are many to choose from so choose carefully! Congratulations again Plush for earning Clothing of the Week. We can now move on to Guild of the Week!

Guild of the Week

Did you know that there is a total of 285 Guilds on Polytoria? That's crazy! That means we could do Polytoria Showcase 285 times until we run out of Guilds. But for this time, we decided to choose a special Guild! This special guild is ran by a staff member here at Polytoria, and you get ranked based on your level in the community! We will reveal more information about this after we reveal who we chose. Congratulations to the Guild Level by Bandito Burrito for being chosen as our Guild of the Week!

You can tap here to go to the website and get your level tested. When you get your level tested, you can comment on what you got in the description below and you get ranked based on your results! This is a fun activity and I got ranked at level 48! (above average). Try and beat me! Congratulations again Bandito Burrito for being awarded Guild of the Week. We can now go check out (my favorite) Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

Last time on Staff of the Month, we nominated Nextrevit to be our Staff of the Month. This time we are choosing a special person who has just recently joined the staff team and has been moderating all around the website! Congratulations to Kengie for earning Staff of the Month!

Kengie has recently been working all around the website, doing all sorts of actions which may include moderating the forum, approving the shirts you guys upload, and more! Kengie has been hard at work here at Polytoria with a total of 2,950 actions in total! Congratulations Kengie on being a hard-working member here at Polytoria. We can now move on to more information that we need to discuss!

Weekly > Monthly Showcases

Unfortunately, I don't have the time as much as I did before to keep doing weekly Showcases. As much as it would have been fun to keep doing weekly Showcases, I'm just getting back into school and I have to focus on that more than I can on Polytoria. Don't worry though, Showcase won't stop! It will just be monthly from now on. Hope you all understand.

Promocode Reveal

It's time to reveal the promocode! Drumroll please everyone...

Go redeem this code by tapping here to get our exclusive Showcase Item! This item won't be out forever, so go grab yours while you can! Let us know what you think about the item on our Discord! You can tap here to be redirected to our Discord.


Thanks everyone for reading our 7th Showcase! We can't wait to release our 8th Showcase next month. Stay tuned for our next Showcase! It might be a little spoooooky... 👻🎃

Thanks for reading! - bags