Polytoria Showcase #8

Polytoria Showcase #8


Hey everyone! Welcome back to another monthly Showcase. In this showcase, we will be changing the Format up a bit!, Instead of a normal blog post, we will be doing a 🎃Spoooky 👻Showcase! Last month we let people submit topics to the showcase that were Halloween themed and we closed those forms shortly after. It’s time to finally reveal what we decided was the best fit for the Polytoria Showcase!

All winners of the Halloween showcase will be receiving a special item that is Halloween-themed in honor of the season. All winners will also receive the Polytoria Showcase Badge on their profile as well. Thanks to everyone who submitted their design to the Polytoria Showcase! Let’s dive further into this haunted blog post! 👻

Users of the Month 👻

The spookiest users of Polytoria have decided to dress up and scare people all over the website. Out of 30 people, 3 users have been chosen as the spookiest players on Polytoria. Congratulations to Kqpa, Hooded, and Manuel for being chosen for User of the Month!

Winners of Polytoria Showcase Halloween (Manuel, Hooded, Kqpa)

These users are the scariest people of Polytoria, putting in dedication to their outfits to scare users all over Polytoria. They will be going house to house getting all the candy they can get while scaring people! Thanks again to everyone who submitted an outfit. While not top 3, these honorable mentions are also very spooky, putting in dedication to their outfits to get a good scare out of people. They will definitely be going house to house getting all the candy they can get and scaring people! Thanks again to everyone who submitted an outfit. Here are all the cool outfits that we felt should’ve been shown even though they didn’t get chosen. Let’s move onto Game of the Month!

Participants (SuperDarkAnonim, Void King, Usd, Snowdude)
Participants (GR33N, GreenKnight, dud, Jacky)
Participants (Jif, MonkeMan, cod, ncs)
Participants (Plox, SmoothCrown, RealKing_Noob)

Game of the Month

Spooky games rise out of the ground, mansions, tasks, seeking... We had one custom themed Halloween map that was submitted to Polytoria that deserves this trophy. In this map, you will have to go seeking for several eggs that have been scattered around the map, watch out for the molten lava, creepy monsters, and the dangerously tall heights! Congratulations to halloween egg hunt by QQQ for being chosen as Game of the Month!

halloween egg hunt by QQQ

The goal of this game is to find 7 scary eggs. All of the eggs are scattered around the vast map! Make sure to dodge terrifying obstacles and navigate through the treacherous terrain! Once you collect all 7 eggs  around the map, a room will open up with the final golden egg. Claiming the golden egg will reward you with a completed collection and shows that you have beaten the hunt, Congratulations! We will show another creative halloween game that we thought deserved some attention before we go forward as well, and that game was made by Engineer_Gaming and is a classic halloween mansion. Let's rotate onto Clothing of the Month!

Haunted Mansion by Engineer_Gaming

Clothing of the Month

These creators are people who have taken dedication to making costumes for people to dress up as on Polytoria. Instead of them going around house to house to get candy they decided to stay back and make costumes for everyone! We have decided to choose two costumes that people have made for Polytoria Showcase. Congratulations to Pennywise The Clown Costume and Clown Costume by Zayn for winning Polytoria Showcase Halloween Edition!

The Clown Costume (Shirt) (Pants) + Clown Costume (Shirt) (Pants)

These two costumes were bought a total of 21 times, and can be seen all over Polytoria during the Halloween Season! You can scare people really well with numerous variations of creepy clowns or multicolored monsters! Some of the people who submitted costumes to our contest were even wearing these costumes to show their creativity with the limitless combinations of these clothes. Thanks for making some awesome costumes for people to wear, Zayn! Here below are some honorable clothing that we felt like should be on the blog post even though they didn't win.

Pumpkin Swag Vest by Texture, Artwork by moji, and Glitched Polytoria Portal by dud


Big thanks to everyone who submitted things to our contest! We appreciate the time and effort people put out of their day to make some brilliant costumes, games, and more! Everyone who won during our contest today will be given the trophy we mentioned earlier, and if you didn't win this time that's alright! There will be more contests in the future. We apologize for our Halloween Showcase being in November but we hope the wait was worth it!


Just a friendly reminder that we still have our Showcase Promocode still up on the website for alittle while longer! You can redeem the item by tapping here and typing in "SHOWCASE7". This item will be going offline soon so make sure to grab it while you still can!

Redeem the code by tapping here and typing in "SHOWCASE7"

Thanks everyone for reading Polytoria Showcase #8! We'll see you guys again.. in November!

All badges and rewards will be handed out on 11/9/2021.

~ bags 🦃 + Clockset 👻