Polytoria Showcase #9

Polytoria Showcase #9


Ho ho ho! Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! It is I, Santa Bags! I am here today to host a special Showcase, one that happens once a year! I am proud to present to you, Polytoria Showcase, but this month is Christmas Themed!

And to all of our winners, like every special event, we have a special item that comes along with being chosen. If you are chosen for our Christmas Showcase, you will be granted the Winter Showcase Trophy!

Alongside that, all winners of the Showcase will be granted the Showcase Winner Badge! We appreciate every entry that we got submitted to us, so we will be even featuring some submissions that we thought were just as good onto our blog post. We can now get started! Let's get started with User of the Month.

User of the Month

Do you want to know what I enjoy about Christmas? Literally everything! But what do I enjoy the most about Christmas? The gifts- I mean the characters that bring Christmas together! For example, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and you can't forget Santa! For User of the Month, we had users dress up as either their favorite characters or something related to Christmas! We have chosen four people who we think had the best characters relating to Christmas! They were so adorable I couldn't help myself but choose them. Congratulations to wiz, SoulsIDK, HiThere, and DevPixels for being chosen as User of the Month!

wiz, SoulsIDK, HiThere, and DevPixels

Starting off with wiz, we have a cozy Christmas Outfit! As you can see wiz decided to wear an awesome shirt that fits the holidays really well, and wiz is also geared with a snowball! Watch out or you'll be hit! Next up we have SoulsIDK who decided that he would dress up like a reindeer! Next up we have HiThere, and HiThere is geared up for this Christmas season, wearing a Gray Bear Beanie and staying warm with the Polytoria Ear Muffs! HiThere is wearing a suit that almost looks like he's Santa Clause, but I'm sure is plenty comfortable to wear in either way. And finally, up next we have DevPixels! Who for some reason is wearing a stocking on the top of his head, but we won't question it! DevPixels is also wearing the same clothing wiz is wearing, so I'm sure that DevPixels is just as comfortable as wiz is right now! We are going to list down below some other outfits we liked that didn't win, but still deserve some recognization.

CyA, Jif, cod, and Snowdude
Malachai, Laggy, Manuel, and Ben Blah
dumbman, kelz, and ncs

We can now move on to Games of the Month!

Games of the Month

Just like last time we hosted Games of the Month, we had users who wanted to participate in our Showcase make some special games relating to the topic. Last time we had people make Halloween or Spooky games for that season, and this time we had people make Christmas Games! We had quite a few submissions, and there were a few good submissions that are going to be recognized today. Congratulations to the two following games for being chosen for Games of the Month!

Christmas 2021 (Showcase) by antlers
Christmas Day House [Showcase] by DustinPoirier

These two games were made by two very good builders in the community of Polytoria. They both took hours to make, and maybe even days to make! But what makes these games super impressive for our Showcase is their Christmas Spirit. When you play these games they just give you some awesome Christmas Vibes that make you feel like you're in the Christmas Mood! Congratulations to DustinPoirier and antlers for being chosen as our Games of the Month!

We do have one other game that we thought was pretty good as well but unfortunately wasn't chosen. We would like to honor this one game that was made by Jif that is called Jif's Winter Wonderland Hangout! This game features a hangout that is all winter-themed, and you can just chill there and talk to people who join the game. While this game didn't make the cut to be chosen as Game of the Month, we thought we would show this game off even though it didn't make it.

Jif's Winter Wonderland Hangout! by Jif

We can now move on to Clothing of the Month!

Clothing of the Month

Another important part of the Holiday Spirit would be the creators on Polytoria who make clothing, so you guys can dress up and celebrate Christmas! We had creators on Polytoria who were submitting their outfits that they made for the holiday spirit so that they had a chance at being featured on the Showcase. We chose three outfits that we thought were pretty good and best fitted the purpose of Christmas! Congratulations to DevPixels, and Jif for being chosen as our Clothing of the Month!

Christmas Stuff Shirt + Christmas Stuff Pant + Cozy Pajamas Shirt

These two items of clothing had a total combined number of sales of 32 in total! We saw them around Polytoria so much, that they were a top hit on the clothing store! Congratulations again to DevPixels and Jif for being chosen. Below are some other outfits that we thought were just as good but didn't get chosen, so we are going to show them off because they deserve some recognization as well.

We can now move on to Guild of the Month!

Guild of the Month

The last time we hosted a Showcase we did not do a Guild of the Month, and that would be because nobody submitted a Guild that had anything related to Halloween on any of the Guilds. This time we have a guild that is celebrating Christmas, and has decorated their guild to fit the season! Congratulations to Rare Usernames by ncs for being chosen as our Guild of the Month!

Rare usernames is a guild on Polytoria that ranks users based on how rare their username is. If they have a 3 letter username or even a 4 letter username, it's considered rare! If you have a username in general that just seems cool you will be ranked. Everyone gets ranked no matter what their name is! This guild made a Christmas icon with a Christmas Tree in the background and snowflakes, and they made the icon have candy-cane colors! The description is even partly Christmas Themed as well. Congratulations again to Rare usernames for being chosen as our Guild of the Month, and if you are interested in checking them out you can tap here to be redirected to the guild. We can now move on to Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

During December, our asset team has been very busy making Christmas Items so that you can have some amazing items to wear and show off your pride for Christmas. There have been two amazing asset creators on our team who have been working very hard during the Holidays to get some amazing items out to you at a fast paste! Congratulations to ClockPuppet and Damir for winning Staff of the Month!

ClockPuppet + Damir

ClockPuppet and Damir have been working very hard this Christmas Season to get some special season items out! They've helped make this season's packages, and they've made some other Christmas items that haven't been in the shop! They've been working very hard this season to make sure that you guys have items to wear. Thanks again for your work ClockPuppet and Damir!

Information + Promocode

Thank you guys again for reading yet another wonderful Showcase that we have pulled off this month! As we keep releasing showcases every month, it makes me happy to see how excited you guys get for the release of the showcases. We still have our promo code in our shop that will be going soon, so if you would like to redeem it you can tap here to go to our promo code page and redeem the item. The code is SHOWCASE7 and it will be going away soon! Get it while you can! We just might have more promo code items coming out that you'll have to collect.

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Thanks again everyone for reading another wonderful Showcase! All winners that were chosen for our Special Edition Showcase will be getting their items shortly after this blog post has been posted.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

~ Santa Bags