Polytoria Summer Game Jam: 2023

Polytoria Summer Game Jam: 2023


Hey everyone! Recently, Polytoria hosted a game jam that started on the 21st of July and ran until August 25th. The results have come in, and it's time to announce the winners, and show off the winner's places!

We've prepared a video showcasing all of the winner's creations in a single video. If you're interested in viewing this video, you can check out the video that has been attached below.

Many prizes will be given out to the contestants who were selected for the results, including trophies, bricks, and membership! Now, that's enough chit-chatting, let's move right on to the places, and take a look at them!

7th Place - Super Soaker by Wara112

Starting off in 7th place, we have Super Soaker! This place is a first-person water-gun fighting arena! Fight to the death, and kill your opponents. Make sure that you're killing the right team, because the score is being kept, and you want your team to win! The time is limited, so come up with your strategies, and win the match!

Also, don't forget that your water is limited. So make sure to go back and refuel, because if you run out of water, you're out of ammo, and you're at risk of dying!

Congratulations to Super Soaker for being selected for 7th place, and now let's move towards our next place on the list.

6th Place - island house [SHOWCASE] by bugbear

Next up, we have Island House! In this place, you're living on an island, and you have a house, and you're very own beach! Thought that a beach wasn't enough for you? There's a lighthouse as well! You can enjoy relaxing on this private island, in the comfort of your house, which offers a kitchen and multiple comfy chairs to relax in. There's even a fireplace to stay warm when it's cold outside!

Congratulations to Island House for being selected as 6th place. Now, let's move forward.

5th Place - Abandoned Utopia by Slurp

Up next in 5th place, we have Abandoned Utopia! This place is another showcase place that features over 9.7k parts! That's nearing 10k, and that's a lot of parts. When all of those parts come together, it creates a glorious place. Make your way through the abandoned city, and make sure to look up while you're at it - You'll see some of the tallest mountains that are in the city. There's a cave that is also included in the town but is restricted. Must be dangerous! Just be careful where you're walking, the bridges are falling apart due to the place being abandoned for so long.

Congratulations to Abandoned Utopia for being selected as 5th place, Now let's go take a look at our next place!

4th Place - Snal's Island by turmoil

Up next in 4th place, we have Snal's Island! If you were looking for the ideal vacation spot, this would be the perfect place. Make yourself at home by enjoying the amazing sunset that can be viewed in the distance, or if you would like a closer look you can climb the huge ladder that takes you up to the top of the mountains. Take a small hike, and you'll find the giant snal (as referred to by the visitors). Nobody knows where its origins came from, but it's there, and it's majestic.

Congratulations to Snal's Island for coming in 4th place, and now let's go take a look at our next place - Moving up towards the top three!

3rd Place - Operation: Sea Cleanup by Index

In 3rd place, we have Operation: Sea Cleanup. The place is pretty much described in its name! It's up to you to help clean up the sea, which is filthy with trash from years of stuff being thrown in it. There are couches, nets, bowls, and so much more just floating around at the bottom. You'll need to be careful though, because if you run out of oxygen, you'll die and lose half of your trash! There are upgrades to increase your oxygen and the amount of trash you can collect, and you can sell your trash to gain money to get these upgrades.

Congratulations to Operation: Sea Cleanup for being awarded 3rd place, and now let's move on to 2nd place, and then the big winner!

2nd Place - Butterfly Yoinker by abplntxp

Up in second place, we have Butterfly Yoinker! The place is pretty simple, catch butterflies that are all over the place. There are many types of butterflies to catch in this place, ranging from fire, water, and butter?! Get 5x of every butterfly, and you can get a coin. You can use these coins to purchase special things! You can turn in the butterflies to buy different types of nets as well. Interested in taking up the challenge of claiming every butterfly? Then this place is for you!

Congratulations to Butterfly Yoinker for being selected for 2nd place, and now let's move towards the grand finale: FIRST PLACE!

Are you ready to know who's won the summer game jam of 2023? I don't think you are, but I'm guessing you already saw the video. So now, it's time to announce who won. Three... Two... One... Congratulations to Treasure Divers by InsertSoda for being selected as FIRST PLACE!

1st Place - Treasure Divers by InsertSoda

In this place, you're diving down for treasure, and finding all types of cool things that are in the water. These cool things aren't trash though, they're things that you can sell for money! Find objects such as hats or even a secret captain's hat. 🤫

Be careful, however, because you're limited on air, and you don't want to lose the treasure that you just obtained! You can either navigate your way back to the surface or find one of the portals that can be found while diving. If you want to upgrade your quantity of air, you can go to the upgrade store and use the money you just earned from diving to upgrade your lung capacity or get yourself an air tank.

There are other things in the store too that you can use to upgrade, such as upgrading your pockets so that you can search and hold more treasure, and not have to worry about your inventory being full! Either way, you're going to be selling all of the treasures for some sweet money. 💵

Congratulations to Treasure Divers for being selected for 1st place, and now it's time to conclude our Polytoria Summer Game jam of 2023!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our game jam! We were so happy with the amount of creativity and effort that went into these places, and we can't wait for our future game jams and what will be created in the future.

Don't forget, everyone who participated will be given the prizes that they were promised - and everyone who participated will be given 150 bricks! So if you're interested in participating in one of our future game jams, make sure to join our Discord for future notifications.

See you there! ~ baggy