Polytoria Summer Gamejam: Results

Polytoria Summer Gamejam: Results


Hey everyone! If you remember from our previous blog post, you should be aware that we hosted a Summer Gamejam and anyone could participate who was interested in creating a game. The results are here, and we made a YouTube video featuring all the games in one video that you can check out right here, right now!

In this blog post, were going to go into more detail on the games that were won, the users who created the games, and the prizes that were handed out! We're going to go from 10th place all the way to 1st place in this blog post, so stick around so you can check out these awesome creations that won!

Starting in 10th place, we have house near sea by Aquarium. In this game, you can check out the house that Aquarium built that is by the sea! Relax by the doc near the water, and do some fishing while you're at it! Inside the house, you can find a kitchen, bathroom, couch, and decorations! This game has qualified for 10th place, so congratulations on earning this spot! You can check out the game by clicking the button that's below the screenshots we attached. Now, let's move on to 9th place!

Up in 9th place, we have Lonely Island by GAMERISTO! In this game, you're stranded on an island where you have some trees, sand, and a house that you can live in! At the front of the house, you can find a crashed boat that's broken into pieces. Consider swimming out to sea and maybe you'll find a paddle! Behind the house, you can find a campfire where you can start a fire to keep warm during the night. Inside the house itself, you have a table that can fit at least two people and a bed that should be cozy enough to keep you sleeping well during the night! This build is definitely a good place to go if you want to get away, just maybe bring some more resources with you if you wish to stay there for multiple days. Congratulations on Lovely Island for getting 9th place, and if you wish to check out the game you can tap the button below the images we attached of the game! Now, let's move right on into 8th place!

Up in 8th place, we have Artificial Beach by icg! Do you not feel like going to the beach? Are there too many people there and you just want your own beach to yourself? Well don't worry, head on down to this fake beach! Here on this beach, you can play in the sand while being in an enclosed room with some fake clouds and sun! Lay down in your beach chair and take a good nap while you're at it. Bring some friends, and have some fun! Congratulations icg for getting 8th place, and if you want to check out this game you can press the button below the images we attached of the game, Now let's move right on to 7th place!

Up in 7th place, we have Summer Pirates! by mog! Have you ever wanted to go on a pirate ship and be an actual pirate? Have you ever wanted to experience what it's like to drive a pirate ship? Say no more! This game lets you push your imagination to the test. Board the ship that is already pre-loaded with all the resources you'd need to set sail on your journey, on the bottom floor it has food, beds, and more! The pirate ship is already preloaded with bombs and weapons, so you're all ready for the enemies that would attempt to attack you! Congratulations mog on getting 6th place, and if you want to check out the game you can by pressing the button below the images we attached of the game, and now we're going to move on to 6th place!

Up in 6th place, we have gecst's showcase by gecst! This game doesn't exactly have a whole lot to do in it, but the scenery around the wood house and the trees are beautiful to look at! The detail in the trees, the details in the wood house, this showcase is definitely worth checking out! If you want to check out this game, you can tap the button that's below the attached images of the game, and be aware: It might take a while to load! This game has over 2,000 parts that makes the game look this awesome. Congratulations again on getting 6th place gecst, now let's move on to 5th place!

For 5th place, we have Rocky Sea Shores by Slurp which was awarded this spot! In this game, there is so much to do! Right away when you load into this game, you're greeted by a giant sandcastle that stands in the middle of the map. To the side of the map, there is a volleyball court where you can play some volleyball with your friends! Around the map, there are beach chairs where you can lay down and relax, and there's so much more you can do in this game! There are giant water waves, boats, rocks, and islands you can travel to! Congratulations Slurp for getting 5th place, and if you want to check out the game you can tap the button that's below the attached images to check out this awesome game. Now, let's move right into 4th place! Right after that, we will move into the top 3 games that won the trophies we featured in our earlier blog post.

For 4th place, we chose the game Lighthouse by the Sea by 1337! Right away when you spawn into the game, you spawn on a raft! Walk right up into the lighthouse, and you're greeted to a small kitchen where you can sit down and eat, with someone serving you the food! Walk up the lighthouse and at the top, you're greeted to a bedroom where you can stay the night away in the lighthouse! If you go to the very top, you get a fantastic view of the entire land where you can see everything for miles! This is a fantastic showcase game, and if you wish to check it out you can press the button below the pictures of the game. Let's move into the top three submissions that won the trophies!

For third place, give a big drumroll, please... Congratulations to Jodie for getting 3rd place in our Summer Gamejam! We chose their game Island Home because of how fantastic the build is. It took Jodie 59 hours to build, and once you spawn in the game you'll be impressed by the number of details this build has to offer! Upon entering the house, you're greeted to a desktop where you can code your Polytoria Game, a chair where you can do some relaxing (But maybe cleanup before you continue!) You can go upstairs where you can find your microwave, skateboard, your gameboy that you thought you lost, and your to-do list that has everything you want to do! Congratulations Jodie for getting 3rd place, and if you wish to check out the game Jodie made you can tap the button that's below the images we attached! Now, let's move right onto 2nd place.

For 2nd place, we chose the game Eiffel Tower by Detective! Congratulations on this giant achievement. Joining the game may take a bit, but it's for a good reason: The game has over 3,500 parts! Upon entering the game, you're greeted by a giant Eiffel Tower which you can tell definitely took some time to make. If you keep walking down the road, you can find a shop where they're selling Churro-Crepes Hot Dog and Gaufres! That's definitely worth trying out. If you keep walking down, you can find a maze, and hopefully, you can get through the entire thing! It's definitely a challenge to not get lost. You can check out the store where you can buy some teddy bears, cups, and more! There's a park where you can walk around the pound and take a look at the awesome scenes around it. Congratulations Detective for getting 2nd place, and if you wish to check out this game you can press the button that's below the attached images. And now, let's move on to what everyone's been waiting for: 1st place.

Give me a GIANT drumroll, because you'll be shocked at who got 1st place! Congratulations to sand digging simulator by InsertSoda for winning the giant gold prize! In this game, you get started with a shovel, and it's up to you to start mining all of the sand to upgrade your shovel. As you progress, you need to upgrade your backpack to hold more sand, your shovels so you can scoop more sand, and more! This game saves all your progress automatically, so you don't have to worry about starting over. Congratulations to InsertSoda, and if you wish to check out this game you can press the button that's below the attached video of the game. Now, let's wrap up this blog post!

Wrapping up our Summer Gamejam 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who made a game for our gamejam, we definitely had fun playing the games that you guys created, and we can't wait to see what you guys create in the future for our gamejams! All rewards will be handed out here shortly, and now, I'll see you guys in a future blog post!

~ baggy