Thanksgiving Turkey Chase Mini-event

Thanksgiving Turkey Chase Mini-event


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Polytoria is proud to announce that we are going to be hosting a thanksgiving mini-event this week! Join the game, and start hunting for turkeys. Challenge yourself to have the most turkeys collected by the time the event ends!

The event has three prizes: Pilgrim Turkey, White Pilgrims Hat, and The Golden Turkey! You have until December 1st to collect all these rewards, and use your strategies to corner the turkeys and collect the most points!

Catch 50 turkeys and you will receive the Pilgrim Turkey. Working your way up to 200 turkeys will award you the White Pilgrims Hat. Now if you're REALLY into turkey hunting and manage to get 1,000 turkeys, you'll get the grand prize: The Golden Turkey!

Good luck everyone, and have fun!