Speedin' up the Servers

Speedin' up the Servers


Hey everyone! We've been doing some recent upgrades to our game servers and our website to better improve the performance for you all overall. Today we optimized the client to a greater extent! If you test out some games that have a large brick count, you can see a big performance improvement. Included with the update, now more people can join games! The servers before could hold up to 6 people before having lag issues or crashing, now the servers can hold 4x the amount of players before with no lag at all!

Around 10-12 people playing Polytoria without connection issues

macOS Updates

We have updated our macOS client to the latest version as our other supported operating systems. If you’re still experiencing any invisible text, or any other bugs, make sure to report them to our Discord Server so we can look into them!

Client changelog for v0.2.36

  • Improved overall client performance
  • Updated chat box placeholder text
  • The input box no longer parses HTML tags
  • Chat cooldown increased to 1 message/sec
  • player.Chatted event no longer shows uncensored text
  • Possibly fixed stuttering issues with TweenPosition (needs testing)
  • Fixed character randomly spinning while falling

New change to sidebar

Now when there are people in game, it will show on the sidebar how many people are actively playing Polytoria! We hope you enjoy this new site feature!

Securing the Website

Our database was partially wiped at 8:13PM GMT +2 on 10/30/2021, and we had to restore a previous backup of the database. Anything done on the site since 5:30PM GMT+2 on 10/30/2021 was lost and could not be recovered. We were uncertain about the cause of the issue, so we temporarily took the site offline for about 2 days to redo every SQL query on the website to strengthen our security for our community and to prevent this from happening again. (It’s what we use to store everything from users, games, assets, guilds, and pretty much all persistent data on the website). We have thoroughly investigated the incident and came to the conclusion it was the result of a human error by one of our developers. During our downtime we worked hard on improving our backend's security and performance due to the sudden increase of players. The incident has nothing to do with streamers visiting our site and/or people with malicious intent.

Once again we are sorry for the downtime and loss of data. If you've registered between 3:30 PM GMT and 6:14 PM GMT on October 31 you will have to create your account again.

That's another wrap to the updates!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with Polytoria to where it is now, we couldn't have done it without you. Stay tuned for more awesome updated like these! Make sure you join our Discord Server and that you're following our Twitter account, we might post stuff regarding scripting there!

~ bags

Eight people in one of the most popular games on Polytoria with over 2,000 bricks in-game