Polytoria Showcase #6

Polytoria Showcase #6


It's that time of the week again! Welcome back everyone to Polytoria Showcase #6! Within the week, we have introduced some awesome new things to the website, Including... Gifts! So first let's get straight into the Showcase and then discuss what's new in Polytoria this week.

Reminder, whoever gets chosen this week for Polytoria Showcase will be awarded a shiny badge on their avatar, and a trophy to show off on your avatar! If you are creative enough you will have a chance to be chosen for Polytoria Showcase, and you will earn these awesome things! Good luck everyone! Into the User of the Week we go...

User of the Week

You'll need a lock to lock your expression into place for this User of the Week because you'll be shocked to hear who the User of the Week is! Recently we have heard about this awesome user who has been active all around the website, talking in the Discord with over 6,000 Messages, and more! Congratulations to Key for being chosen as our User of the Week!

Key is mostly known for being around on the website and the Discord! Key is also a beta tester for the Polytoria Beta Testing Team. Key has over 1,500 profile views and 584 forum posts! Congratulations Key for being chosen as our User of the Week. Let's move onto Game of the Week!

Game of the Week

For this week's Game of the Week, we chose an island battling game! On this island, you will hop from Island to Island battling to survive from the others. There is a building on one of the islands, and on the others there are Waterfalls! Be careful going down the Waterfalls! Congratulations to [⚔️UPDATE] Island Brick Battle by Soya for being chosen for our Game of the Week!

Let's now go check out Clothing of the Week.

Clothing of the Week

For this week's Clothing of the Week, we decided to pick out some awesome-looking Polytoria Merch that would look good on you to show some Polytoria Pride! Congratulations to Polytoria Fade by Lana Del._Rey for being chosen for Clothing of the Week!

This Polytoria Fade Shirt will for sure look awesome on you, and it's good for showing off some Polytoria Pride! I would go get this awesome shirt. There's even more made by Lana Del._Rey that you can go check out by tapping here. Now let's move onto Guild of the Week.

Before we continue onwards to Guild of the Week, we will interrupt your blog post to bring you an important message!

Polytoria Showcase now has merchandise! Are you a big fan of the Showcase and want to get some awesome clothing for it? Well don't you worry, we got you covered! Polytoria Showcase now has an official Guild and inside the Guild, we have official Clothing! If you are interested in checking out our clothing, you can tap here. Tapping there will redirect you to our guild, where you can then go tap on our Shop and check out our awesome clothing! Thanks a bunch to Kengie and Kqpa for making our clothing for us! We appreciate it. You can now get back to your regular programming, Polytoria Showcase!

Guild of the Week

We have our first ever guild to hit 1,000 members! That's a crazy achievement, right? I remember when guilds just came out... Crazy times! Congratulations to Namesnipe by Bandito Burrito for being chosen as our Guild of the Week! And congratulations on being our FIRST EVER GUILD to hit 1,000 members!

Namesnipe is a guild on Polytoria that revolves around how rare your name is! Depending on what type of name you have, you'll get ranked in this group on how rare your name is. Every single type of name will be ranked here, no matter what! So join up if you want to see how rare your username is! (Hey, if you get a really good role in the group then you can show off to your pals! Not saying that I would, but I totally would.) Let's move onto Staff of the Month!

Staff of the Month

Currently, for the month of May, our Staff of the Month is still Nextrevit. But stay tuned! Cause in June we will have a new Staff of the Month. Keep your eyes open! Now let's go check out some important news updates.

Important Updates

Whoops! I forgot to mention something in our previous blog post we made a few days ago (which you can check out by tapping here.) I forgot to mention that our page for creating clothing has been updated! With the updated page there is now a preview, so you can view if your clothing is perfect right before uploading it! Hopefully, this helps you guys making some awesome clothing!

We have a new staff member!

We have a new 3D Artist that will be joining us here at Polytoria! Please welcome CyA on being our new 3D Artist! We hope to see some awesome assets made by you on Polytoria.

Join the official Polytoria Showcase Discord!

Hey guys! Don't forget to join the official Polytoria Showcase Discord! You can suggest people who should be chosen for the Showcase! We read every single person you guys suggest so don't be afraid to suggest something you think is awesome and should be Showcased! Blog posts will be announced here too if you are interested in getting notified when we release a blog post. You can join the Discord Server by tapping here. Make sure to verify so you can see all of the channels in the Discord!

Important Notice about Email Verification!

Effective immediately, email verification is required for all accounts. Accounts that aren't verified are unusable, however, you can change the email address of your account if you accidentally entered the wrong email.

That's a wrap!

Thanks for reading Polytoria Showcase #6! We hope you enjoyed yet another one of our fantastic showcases. Here's a gift for someone to claim! Tap here for 500 bricks. To whoever was fast enough to claim it, enjoy! My name is bags, and I hope to see you guys come back to yet another Showcase next week!

~ bags